Hitler and Women

Hitler and Women
Author: Ian Sayer
Publsiher: Constable
Total Pages: 336
Release: 2004
Genre: Germany

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Hitler's failure to find a mate, it was once suggested, is at the core of his failure as a human being, and is the source of his demonic, destructive spirit. It was Hitler's and the world's tragedy that he did not realise he had found that mate until hours before his demise (and hers). Here is a true account of that strange protracted search in a Nazi Germany at peace and war. This is an insider view of the Fuhrer, whose love life stands revealed as lying at the very heart and core of the tormented psychopath who destroyed a continent. Such an insider view is not the prerogative of the grand and the privileged - the generals and ambassadors - rather it is the secret privilege of the minions and confidential attendants, who see all and hear all as they go about their daily service: the valet, the maid, the special advisor, the psychoanalyst and personal physician, and above all the young women in Hitler's life for whom being with Hitler was 'like sitting next to the sun.'

Guarding the Fuhrer

Guarding the Fuhrer
Author: Blaine Taylor
Publsiher: Fonthill Media
Total Pages:
Release: 2017-01-24
Genre: History

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German leader Adolf Hitler (1889-1945) was one of the most controversial politicians and military commanders in all recorded history. As such, his life was conspired against by all manner of enemies, both foreign and domestic: German and Russian Communists, political and military opponents, rival Nazi leaders, and the intelligence services of the Allied powers, among them the British SOE. Dozens of attempts were made on his life over the course of two decades, including a bomb explosion in his own headquarters and yet, he survived them all. This is the story of how he did so, as told via the exciting sagas of Sepp Dietrich and his SS, as well as of German government security leader Johann Rattenhuber and his Reich Security Service, the RSD. Here we see the measures used to protect Hitler in public, his cars, planes, trains, homes, military headquarters scattered across conquered Europe, and during personal appearances. Ironically, of course, in the end Hitler decided to take his own life in the infamous Berlin bunker, but this is the story of how a man that so many people wanted dead managed to stay alive for so long in volatile circumstances.

F r Volk and F hrer

F  r Volk and F  hrer
Author: Erwin Bartmann
Publsiher: Helion and Company
Total Pages: 248
Release: 2013-10-19
Genre: History
ISBN: 1909384534

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Like many Germans, Berlin schoolboy Erwin Bartmann fell under the spell of the Zeitgeist cultivated by the Nazis. Convinced he was growing up in the best country in the world, he dreamt of joining the Leibstandarte, Hitler's elite Waffen SS unit. Tall, blond, blue-eyed, and just seventeen-years-old, Erwin fulfilled his dream on Mayday 1941, when he gave up his apprenticeship at the Glaser bakery in Memeler Strasse and walked into the Lichterfelde barracks in Berlin as a raw, volunteer recruit. On arrival at the Eastern Front in late summer 1941, Erwin was assigned to a frontline communications squad attached to 4.Kompanie and soon discovered that survival was a matter of luck - or the protection of a guardian angel. Good fortune finally deserted Erwin on 11 July 1943 when shrapnel sizzled through his lung during the epic Battle of Kursk-Prokhorovka. Following a period of recovery, and promotion to Unterscharführer, Erwin took up a post as machine-gun instructor with the Ausbildung und Ersatz Bataillon, a training unit based close to the eastern section of the Berliner Ring Autobahn. When the Red Army launched its massive assault on the Seelow Heights, Erwin's unit, now incorporated into Regiment Falke, was deployed to the southern flank of the Berlin-Frankfurt Autobahn, close to the River Oder. The German defenses soon crumbled and with the end of the Reich inevitable, Erwin was forced to choose between a struggle for personal survival and the fulfillment of his SS oath of 'loyalty unto death’. From the war on the southern sector of the Eastern Front to a bomb-shattered Berlin populated largely by old men and demoralized lonely women, this candid eyewitness account offers a unique and sometimes surprising perspective on the life of a young Leibstandarte SS Adolf Hitler volunteer.

Assassinating Adolf Hitler and Reinhard Heydrich

Assassinating Adolf Hitler and Reinhard Heydrich
Author: Charles River Charles River Editors
Publsiher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Total Pages: 108
Release: 2016-08-11
ISBN: 9781537008325

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*Includes pictures *Includes accounts detailing various attempts to kill Hitler and the assassination of Heydrich *Includes online resources and a bibliography for further reading Like other totalitarian regimes, the leader of the Nazis kept an iron grip on power in part by making sure nobody else could attain too much of it, leading to purges of high-ranking officials in the Nazi party. Of these purges, the most notorious was the Night of the Long Knives, a purge in the summer of 1934 that came about when Hitler ordered the surprise executions of several dozen leaders of the SA. Nonetheless, for the most part Hitler enjoyed great popularity among both the members of the Wehrmacht and ordinary Germans during his rule over the Third Reich between 1934 and 1945. To many, he appeared to be the spirit of a revived, powerful Germany, shaking off the hardship and humiliation imprudently inflicted by the victorious western Allies at the end of World War I. His strangely magnetic, ranting speeches struck a chord with millions, creating iron loyalty in many of those who followed the commands of his dictatorship. From the very beginning, however, others held a different view of the newly constituted Third Reich's Fuhrer. Though the concept of tyrannicide remained so foreign to German culture that the word only appeared in the national language after World War II, as the war progressed and Germany's fortunes faltered, more individuals and groups plotted the death of Hitler. Through it all, Hitler eluded many of the attempts on his life without ever realizing his risk. Most plotters escaped undetected, baffled by the randomness and secretive nature of Hitler's movements. The Fuhrer frequently canceled prearranged engagements, arrived at other locations with only a few minutes' advance notice, used different trains than originally planned, and generally proved constantly unpredictable. When Hitler traveled by air, he not only brought a detachment of fanatical SS guards, but also highly trusted personal physicians and cooks, and his own personal car, the latter armored and already thoroughly checked for sabotage and booby traps. Beyond all his precautions, the Fuhrer sometimes almost appeared protected by incredible - or uncanny - luck. Despite the enmity of the world and the increasingly violent opposition of his own officers, the Third Reich's leader lived until he chose to die, as though destined by some dark fate to perish only by his own hand. The assassination of Reinhard Heydrich stands out as one of the war's most remarkable secret operations. "The man with the iron heart," as Adolf Hitler dubbed him, made a fitting target for the dramatic events which unfolded in Prague on May 27th, 1942. According to testimony by the historian Michael Freund, "He is one of the greatest criminal figures of the Third Reich. Nowhere in the histories of the Third Reich has [Heydrich] been awarded his rightful place. He is a man of outstanding significance, a criminal mind of Luciferic grandeur." (Dederichs, 2009, 17). During the early stages of the war, the Reich Protector often walked the streets of Prague alone or with just one or two escorts, and he also favored an open-topped Mercedes 320-C convertible, which left him fully exposed to snipers, bomb throwers, and the like. Though he was ordered by the Fuhrer to install armored plates inside the seat backs to limit the effect of grenades hurled into the interior of his vehicle, these armor pieces remained idle in the castle garage on the date of Heydrich's assassination. By contrast, Heydrich found time to have expensive horsehair upholstery installed in the touring car, providing a springy, comfortable ride. That would be all the good fortune a British-trained team of Czech assassins would need.


Author: David Welch
Publsiher: Taylor & Francis
Total Pages: 134
Release: 1998
Genre: Biography & Autobiography
ISBN: 1857285093

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Can national socialism be called Hitlerism? This introductory survey seeks to locate Hitler's role in the Third Reich and Nazism, and his part in bringing about the Second World War in an unambiguous way.

The Lion and the Lamb

The Lion and the Lamb
Author: Charles Causey
Publsiher: WestBow Press
Total Pages: 288
Release: 2016-11-18
Genre: Biography & Autobiography
ISBN: 1512761087

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A true Holocaust story, The Lion and the Lamb begins with a mysterious plane crash which catapults architect Albert Speer into Adolf Hitlers inner circle. When the two Nazi leaders become close confidantes, Speer is forced into constant competition with Heinrich Himmler, Joseph Goebbels and the unstable Hermann Gring. When a botched assassination attempt reveals Albert Speers name in an SS investigation, Speer is ostracized by the staff and falls under Hitlers suspicion for disloyalty. As the Russian army advances on Berlin, Speer is poisoned, lied about, and forced to fight for his standing with the most evil and calculating men in Europe. Will Speer survive his last-minute trip to the Fhrers bunker just hours before the end? The Lion and the Lamb also tells the story of a Dutch Resistance worker named Corrie ten Boom who leads her entire family into a desperate struggle against the Nazis anti-Jewish policies in Holland. Like Speer, Corrie is thrust into a psychological torture chamber suffering daily anguish from abusive guards. She is forced to travel from prison to prison in Nazi death trains after her underground operation is raided by the secret police. A novel of innocence, betrayal and tragedy, The Lion and the Lamb is an absorbing tale of how war-torn people cling to the power of faith, hope and love.

Atat rk in the Nazi Imagination

Atat  rk in the Nazi Imagination
Author: Stefan Ihrig
Publsiher: Harvard University Press
Total Pages: 319
Release: 2014-11-20
Genre: History
ISBN: 0674744853

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Early in his career, Hitler took inspiration from Mussolini—this fact is widely known. But an equally important role model for Hitler has been neglected: Atatürk, the founder of modern Turkey, who inspired Hitler to remake Germany along nationalist, secular, totalitarian, and ethnically exclusive lines. Stefan Ihrig tells this compelling story.

Working Towards the F hrer

Working Towards the F  hrer
Author: Anthony McElligott
Publsiher: Manchester University Press
Total Pages: 292
Release: 2003
Genre: History
ISBN: 9780719067334

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Working towards the Führer is a remarkable collection of essays by some of the most prominent historians writing on the history of the Third Reich, covering the legacy of the World Wars in Germany, the female Nazi voter, Nazi Propaganda, occupied territories, resistance and public opinion in Germany.

KS3 History Technology War and Independence 1901 Present Day

KS3 History  Technology  War and Independence 1901 Present Day
Author: Aaron Wilkes
Publsiher: Oxford University Press - Children
Total Pages:
Release: 2014-07-03
Genre: Juvenile Nonfiction
ISBN: 019835276X

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Written to match the new 2014 National Curriculum with expert support from experienced Head of History, Aaron Wilkes, the third editions of this well-loved series will hook your students' interest in KS3 History whilst helping them prepare for GCSE. Technology, War and Independence 1901-Present Day is the fourth of four new third editions, and covers: the twentieth century including the Great War, Britain between the wars, the Second World War, post-war Britain, the end of the British Empire, global issues and change over time.

Kill the Fuhrer

Kill the Fuhrer
Author: Denis Rigden
Publsiher: The History Press
Total Pages: 240
Release: 2011-11-08
Genre: History
ISBN: 0752475746

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During the Second World War, Britain's top secret Special Operations Executive plotted to assassinate Hitler. A small department of SOE known as Section X had the tantalisingly complex task of investigating how, when and where their plan could be executed. The section also plotted the killing of Goebbels, Himmler and other selected members of Hitler's inner circle. Only Section X and a handful of other SOE staff had any knowledge of these projects, codenamed Operation Foxley and Operation Little Foxleys. As history has shown, these schemes turned out to be pipe dreams. Even so, Section X, renamed the German Directorate in 1944, made a huge contribution to the Allied war effort through their organised sabotage and clandestine distribution of black propaganda. Denis Rigden describes Section X's efforts to discover as much as possible about the intended assassination targets, and questions whether a successful Operation Foxley would have helped or hindered the Allied cause. Based on top secret documents and private sources and illustrated with archive photographs, 'Kill the Fuhrer' is an intriguing insight into the shadowy world of Britain's wartime secret services.

The F hrer s Headquarters

The F  hrer   s Headquarters
Author: Neil Short
Publsiher: Bloomsbury Publishing
Total Pages: 66
Release: 2013-05-20
Genre: History
ISBN: 1849083029

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The 100th title in the Fortress series, this book describes and examines the Führerhauptquartiere – the 14 or so headquarters built for Hitler. Revealing their locations and how they were used to direct the Nazi war apparatus, this is a fascinating insight into a range of historical sites from Berghof to the Wolf's Lair. With a map showing the locations of all of Hitler's bunkers and fortifications on the eastern and western fronts and illustrated with photographs and specially commissioned artwork, this book is an essential introduction to Hitler's command structures and recreates numerous bunkers and buildings which were destroyed by Allied bombing raids or by fleeing German troops.

The F hrer Bunker

The F  hrer Bunker
Author: Sven Felix Kellerhoff
Publsiher: Berlin Story Verlag
Total Pages: 137
Release: 2004
Genre: Bunkers (Fortification)
ISBN: 3929829231

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Die Faszination des Führerbunkers ist ungebrochen. Besucher Berlins suchen immer wieder nach Resten. Vergeblich: Es ist einfach nichts zu sehen.Das Buch zeigt, wo der Bunker lag und was an seiner Stelle heute steht. Es erläutert die Baugeschichte der Betonhöhle, schildert das Drama des Untergangs anhand von Zeitzeugenberichten und geht auf die Versuche ein, den Bunker zu beseitigen. Fotos und genaue Pläne veranschaulichen die Lage und das Leben im Bunker.Der Geschichtsjournalist Sven Felix Kellerhoff beschäftigt sich seit Jahren mit dem Nationalsozialismus. Er stellt die wichtigsten Quellem und Fakten über den Führerbunker zusammen-von Baubeginn bis heute. September 2003 erschien der Band in deutsch.

Hitler s Peace

Hitler s Peace
Author: Philip Kerr
Publsiher: Hachette UK
Total Pages: 480
Release: 2020-04-16
Genre: Fiction
ISBN: 152940410X

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A gripping alternative history thriller set in the Second World War, from the internationally acclaimed and bestselling author of the Bernie Gunther novels. Autumn 1943. Hitler knows he cannot win the war: now he must find a way to make peace. FDR and Stalin are willing to negotiate; only Churchill refuses to listen. The upcoming Allied Tehran conference will be where the next steps - whatever they are - will be decided. Into this nest of double- and triple-dealing steps Willard Mayer, OSS agent and FDR's envoy to the conference. His job is to secure the peace that the USA and Hitler now crave. The stakes couldn't be higher. With his sure hand for pacing, his firm grasp of historical detail, and his explosively creative imagination about what might have been, Philip Kerr has fashioned a totally convincing thinking man's thriller in the great tradition of Eric Ambler and Graham Greene.


Author: Paul Ballard-Whyte
Publsiher: Pen and Sword Military
Total Pages: 338
Release: 2022-11-30
Genre: Biography & Autobiography
ISBN: 1399074407

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Adolf Hitler’s Great War military experiences in no way qualified him for supreme command. Yet by July 1940, under his personal leadership the Third Reich’s armed forces had defeated Poland, Czechoslovakia, Holland, Denmark, Norway, Belgium and France. The invasion of Great Britain was a distinct reality following Dunkirk. Hungary, Bulgaria and Romania had become allies along with the acquiescent military powers of Mussolini’s Italy and Franco’s Spain. These achievements prompted Field Marshal Willem Keitel, the Wehrmacht’s Chief of Staff, to pronounce Hitler to be ‘the Greatest Commander of all time’. Storm clouds were gathering, most notably the disastrous decision to tear up the treaty with the Soviet Union and launch Operation Barbarossa in 1941. As described in this meticulously researched and highly readable book, Hitler’s blind ideology, racist hatred and single-mindedness led him and his allies inexorably to devastating defeat. How far was it good luck that gave Hitler his sensational early political and military successes? Certainly fortune played a major role in his survival from many assassination attempts and sex scandals. The author concludes, from 1941 onwards, the Fuhrer’s downfall was entirely attributable to military misjudgments that he alone made. Lucky: Hitler’s Big Mistakes exposes the enigmatic Dictator for what he really was – incredibly lucky and militarily incompetent.

The World Hitler Never Made

The World Hitler Never Made
Author: Gavriel D. Rosenfeld
Publsiher: Cambridge University Press
Total Pages: 544
Release: 2005-05-23
Genre: History
ISBN: 9780521847063

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A fascinating 2005 study of the place of alternate histories of Nazism within Western popular culture.

The Respectable Career of Fritz K

The Respectable Career of Fritz K
Author: Hartmut Berghoff
Publsiher: Berghahn Books
Total Pages: 376
Release: 2015-05-01
Genre: History
ISBN: 1782385940

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Entrepreneur and Nazi functionary Fritz Kiehn lived through almost 100 years of German history, from the Bismarck era to the late Bonn Republic. A successful manufacturer, Kiehn joined the Nazi Party in 1930 and obtained a number of influential posts after 1933, making him one of the most powerful Nazi functionaries in southern Germany. These posts allowed him ample opportunity to profit from “Aryanizations” and state contracts. After 1945, he restored his reputation, was close to Adenauer's CDU during Germany's economic miracle, and was a respected and honored citizen in Trossingen. Kiehn's biography provides a key to understanding the political upheavals of the twentieth century, especially the workings of the corrupt Nazi system as well as the “coming to terms” with National Socialism in the Federal Republic.

The Fuhrer Has Gone

The Fuhrer Has Gone
Author: Clive Fletcher
Publsiher: Lulu.com
Total Pages: 215
Release: 2011
ISBN: 1446710513

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