Rabbit Angstrom

Rabbit Angstrom
Author: John Updike
Publsiher: Everyman's Library
Total Pages: 1600
Release: 1991
Genre: Fiction

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"Four novels trace the life of Harry "Rabbit" Angstrom against the changing American society from the sixties to the eighties."--

Something and Nothingness

Something and Nothingness
Author: John Neary
Publsiher: SIU Press
Total Pages: 256
Release: 1992
Genre: Comparative literature
ISBN: 9780809317424

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John Neary shows that the theological dichotomy of via negativa (which posits the authentic experience of God as absence, darkness, silence) and via affirmativa (which emphasizes presence, images, and the sounds of the earth) is an overlooked key to examining and comparing the works of John Fowles and John Updike. Drawing on his extensive knowledge of both Christian and secular existentialism within the modern theology of Barth and Levinas and the contemporary critical theory of Derrida and J. Hillis Miller, Neary demonstrates the ultimate affinity of these authors who at first appear such opposites. He makes clear that Fowles's postmodernist, metafictional experiments reflect the stark existentialism of Camus and Sartre while Updike's social realism recalls Kierkegaard's empirical faith in a generous God within a kind of Christian deconstructionism. Neary's perception of uncanny similarities between the two authors--whose respective careers are marked by a series of novels that structurally and thematically parallel each other--and the authors' shared long-term interest in existentialism and theology support both his critical comparison and his argument that neither author is philosophically more sophisticated nor aesthetically more daring.

The John Updike Encyclopedia

The John Updike Encyclopedia
Author: Jack De Bellis
Publsiher: Greenwood Publishing Group
Total Pages: 596
Release: 2000
Genre: Biography & Autobiography
ISBN: 9780313299049

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John Updike is one of the most seminal American writers of the 20th century and one of the most prolific as well. In addition to his best-selling novels, he has written numerous poems, short stories, reviews, and essays. His writing consistently reveals stylistic brilliance, and through his engagement with America's moral and spiritual problems, his works chronicle America's hopes and dreams, failures and disappointments. Though he is an enormously popular writer, the complexity and elegance of his works have elicited growing scholarly attention. Through several hundred alphabetically arranged entries, this book provides both casual and serious readers an exceptional guide to his life and writings. Whether the reader is seeking a novel summary, an authoritative analysis of subjects, elucidation of an allusion, or a point about Updike's life or manner of composition, the encyclopedia is indispensable. A chronology summarizes the major events in Updike's career, while an introductory essay examines his progress as a writer, from his crafted light verse and informed reviews to his innovative novels and stories. The entries that follow summarize Updike's books, describe all major characters, explain allusions, identify major images and symbols, analyze principal subjects, discuss his life and career, and draw on the most significant scholarship. Entries include bibliographies, and the volume closes with a list of works for further reading.

You are What You Eat

You are What You Eat
Author: Annette M. Magid
Publsiher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing
Total Pages: 440
Release: 2009-10-02
Genre: Literary Criticism
ISBN: 1443814687

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You are What You Eat: Literary Probes into the Palate offers tantalizing essays immersed in the culture of food, expanded across genres, disciplines, and time. The entire collection of You Are What You Eat includes a diversity of approaches and foci from multicultural, national and international scholars and has a broad spectrum of subjects including: feminist theory, domesticity, children, film, cultural history, patriarchal gender ideology, mothering ideology, queer theory, politics, and poetry. Essays include studies of food-related works by John Milton, Emily Dickinson, Fay Weldon, Kenneth Grahame, Roald Dahl, Shel Silverstein, J. K. Rowling, Mother Goose, John Updike, Maxine Hong Kingston, Alice Walker, Amy Tan, Louise Erdrich, Amanda Hesser, Julie Powell, Mary Wilkins Freeman, Martin Scorsese, Bob Giraldi, Clarice Lispector, José Antônio Garcia, Fran Ross, and Gish Hen. The topic addresses a range of interests appealing to diverse audiences, expanding from college students to food enthusiasts and scholars.

Popular Contemporary Writers

Popular Contemporary Writers
Author: Michael D. Sharp
Publsiher: Marshall Cavendish
Total Pages: 136
Release: 2005-10
Genre: American literature
ISBN: 9780761476016

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Ninety-six alphabetically arranged author profiles include biographical information, critical commentary, and illustrations.

On Losing the Soul

On Losing the Soul
Author: Richard K. Fenn
Publsiher: SUNY Press
Total Pages: 264
Release: 1995-01-01
Genre: Religion
ISBN: 9780791424933

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This book introduces the notion of the soul and explores some of the indications, causes, and consequences for its being missing, especially in discussions of individuality.

John Updike s Rabbit Tetralogy

John Updike s Rabbit Tetralogy
Author: Marshall Boswell
Publsiher: University of Missouri Press
Total Pages: 268
Release: 2001
Genre: Fiction
ISBN: 0826263259

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Structure of the finished "mega-novel" echoes the work's thematic rationale." "To help readers who are interested in a particular Rabbit novel. Boswell devotes a chapter to each individual section of the tetralogy. At the same time, he treats each novel as an integral part of the more comprehensive whole." --Book Jacket.

Church Science and a Rabbit

Church  Science  and a Rabbit
Author: Charles Sigman
Publsiher: iUniverse
Total Pages: 198
Release: 2009-07
Genre: Religion
ISBN: 1440157685

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Over the last fifteen years of my ministry I have seen both the positives and negatives of technology. For the most part technology has made lives better, but when technology drives humanity and when science defines the human condition, problems arise. Science has the potential for destroying myth. Myth is the thread that holds the human tapestry or narrative together. One role the Church must take on is to keep science and technology in their proper place by saying, "No," when the two overstep their limitations. Currently, there are no checks and balances placed upon science. Science is accountable to no one but itself. Humans are imperfect, and thus, science is imperfect. In this way, the Church brings meaning and purpose to religion, while still affirming science's role of making people's physical lives better. Both science and religion need a level of utilitarian mission, purpose, and vision. The Church and science must be in a friendly, adversarial relationship. Conflict is good and healthy because from out of conflict comes great creativity. Adversity spawns growth. When science and religion are in healthy, amiable conflict, creativity emerges-just as the butterfly struggles to emerge from the cocoon.

Study Guide to Rabbit Run and Rabbit Redux by John Updike

Study Guide to Rabbit  Run and Rabbit Redux by John Updike
Author: Intelligent Education
Publsiher: Influence Publishers
Total Pages: 162
Release: 2020-03-27
Genre: Study Aids
ISBN: 1645422879

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A comprehensive study guide offering in-depth explanation, essay, and test prep for selected works by John Updike, two-time Pulitzer Prize Winner for Fiction in 1982 and 1991. Titles in this study guide include Rabbit Run and Rabbit Redux. As a prominent voice of literary realism for 1970s American fiction, Updike’s Rabbit novels commented on the changing social and political hierarchies of late modernism in America’s Eisenhour era. Moreover, Updike has been called a “maker of fables and parables,” which can be seen through his use of symbolism and imagery. This Bright Notes Study Guide explores the context and history of Updike’s classic work, helping students to thoroughly explore the reasons they have stood the literary test of time. Each Bright Notes Study Guide contains: - Introductions to the Author and the Work - Character Summaries - Plot Guides - Section and Chapter Overviews - Test Essay and Study Q&As The Bright Notes Study Guide series offers an in-depth tour of more than 275 classic works of literature, exploring characters, critical commentary, historical background, plots, and themes. This set of study guides encourages readers to dig deeper in their understanding by including essay questions and answers as well as topics for further research.

Rabbit un redeemed

Rabbit  un redeemed
Author: Peter J. Bailey
Publsiher: Fairleigh Dickinson Univ Press
Total Pages: 306
Release: 2006
Genre: Angstrom, Harry (Fictitious character)
ISBN: 9780838640531

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This book approaches Updike's oeuvre by illuminating its ongoing, pervasive conflict between faith and doubt. Concentrating on a trio of Olinger stories, the Rabbit Angstrom tetralogy, In the Beauty of the Lilies, and Rabbit Remembered and dramatizing most emphatically Updike's career-spanning dialogue with his complexly fragile religious beliefs, Bailey interprets the Rabbit saga as fictionalized spiritual autobiography in which, through imposing Harry Angstrom's perceptual limitations upon his own stylistic gifts, Updike set himself the toughest trial of his ethical and aesthetic creed of the spirit-affirming capacities of human perception and expression.

The Cambridge Companion to American Novelists

The Cambridge Companion to American Novelists
Author: Timothy Parrish
Publsiher: Cambridge University Press
Total Pages: 369
Release: 2013
Genre: Literary Criticism
ISBN: 1107013135

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This volume provides newly commissioned essays from leading scholars and critics on the social and cultural history of the novel in America. It explores the work of the most influential American novelists of the past 200 years, including Melville, Twain, James, Wharton, Cather, Faulkner, Ellison, Pynchon, and Morrison.

Updike and the Patriarchal Dilemma

Updike and the Patriarchal Dilemma
Author: Mary O'Connell
Publsiher: SIU Press
Total Pages: 296
Release: 1996
Genre: Angstrom, Harry (Fictitious character)
ISBN: 9780809319497

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A disturbing element exists, O'Connell determines, in both the texts of the Rabbit novels and in the critical community that examines them. In the novels, O'Connell finds substantial evidence to demonstrate patterns of psychological and physical abuse toward women, citing as the culminating example the mounting toll of literally or metaphorically dead women in the texts.

The 100 Greatest Literary Characters

The 100 Greatest Literary Characters
Author: James Plath
Publsiher: Rowman & Littlefield
Total Pages: 288
Release: 2019-07-15
Genre: Literary Criticism
ISBN: 1538103761

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This book identifies 100 of the most intriguing characters from some of the most well-known novels published over several centuries, from Hester Prynne and Harry Potter to Jay Gatsby and T.S. Garp. The book profiles these memorable characters and details their significance both at the time they were created and today.

Updike and Politics

Updike and Politics
Author: Matthew Shipe
Publsiher: Rowman & Littlefield
Total Pages: 280
Release: 2019-06-27
Genre: Political Science
ISBN: 1498575617

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Updike & Politics presents the first collection of essays devoted to the political aspects of Updike’s work and showcases a variety of international perspectives.

Understanding John Updike

Understanding John Updike
Author: Frederic Svoboda
Publsiher: Univ of South Carolina Press
Total Pages: 136
Release: 2018-04-01
Genre: Literary Criticism
ISBN: 1611178630

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The winner of every major American literary prize, John Updike (1932-2009) was one of the most popular and prolific novelists of his time and a major cultural figure who traced the high point and fall of midcentury American self-confidence and energy. A superb stylist with sixty books to his credit, he brilliantly rendered the physical surfaces of the nation's life even as he revealed the intense longings beneath those surfaces. In Understanding John Updike, Frederic Svoboda elucidates the author's deep insights into the second half of the twentieth century as seen through the lives of ordinary men and women. He offers extended close readings of Updike's most significant works of fiction, templates through which his entire oeuvre may be understood. A small-town Pennsylvanian whose prodigious talent took him to Harvard, a staff position at the New Yorker, and ultimately a life in suburban Massachusetts, where the pace of his literary output never slowed, Updike was very much in the American cultural tradition. His series of Rabbit Angstrom novels strongly echo Sinclair Lewis's earlier explorations of middle America, while The Witches of Eastwick and related novels are variations on Nathaniel Hawthorne's nineteenth-century classic The Scarlet Letter. His number-one best seller Couples examines what Time magazine called "the adulterous society" in the last year of the Kennedy administration, following the nation's fall from idealism into self-centeredness. Understanding John Updike will give both new readers and those already familiar with the author a firm grasp of his literary achievement. This outline of Updike's professional career highlights his importance in the life of the nation—not only as a novelist but also as a gifted essayist, reviewer, cultural critic, and poet.

Globalizing Automobilism

Globalizing Automobilism
Author: Gijs Mom
Publsiher: Berghahn Books
Total Pages: 856
Release: 2020-08-07
Genre: Transportation
ISBN: 1789204623

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Why has “car society” proven so durable, even in the face of mounting environmental and economic crises? In this follow-up to his magisterial Atlantic Automobilism, Gijs Mom traces the global spread of the automobile in the postwar era and investigates why adopting more sustainable forms of mobility has proven so difficult. Drawing on archival research as well as wide-ranging forays into popular culture, Mom reveals here the roots of the exuberance, excess, and danger that define modern automotive culture.

The Quest for Epic in Contemporary American Fiction

The Quest for Epic in Contemporary American Fiction
Author: Catherine Morley
Publsiher: Routledge
Total Pages: 227
Release: 2008-09-25
Genre: Literary Criticism
ISBN: 1135899592

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This volume explores the confluences between two types of literature in contemporary America: the novel and the epic. It analyses the tradition of the epic as it has evolved from antiquity, through Joyce to its American manifestations and describes how this tradition has impacted upon contemporary American writing.