Author: Anne Carson
Publsiher: Vintage
Total Pages: 272
Release: 2015-03-18
Genre: Poetry
ISBN: 1101911271

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The poetry and prose collected in Plainwater are a testament to the extraordinary imagination of Anne Carson, a writer described by Michael Ondaatje as "the most exciting poet writing in English today." Succinct and astonishingly beautiful, these pieces stretch the boundaries of language and literary form, while juxtaposing classical and modern traditions. Carson envisions a present-day interview with a seventh-century BC poet, and offers miniature lectures on topics as varied as orchids and Ovid. She imagines the muse of a fifteenth-century painter attending a phenomenology conference in Italy. She constructs verbal photographs of a series of mysterious towns, and takes us on a pilgrimage in pursuit of the elusive and intimate anthropology of water. Blending the rhythm and vivid metaphor of poetry with the discursive nature of the essay, the writings in Plainwater dazzle us with their invention and enlighten us with their erudition.

Prose Poetry

Prose Poetry
Author: Paul Hetherington
Publsiher: Princeton University Press
Total Pages: 354
Release: 2020-10-13
Genre: Language Arts & Disciplines
ISBN: 0691180644

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An engaging and authoritative introduction to an increasingly important and popular literary genre Prose Poetry is the first book of its kind—an engaging and authoritative introduction to the history, development, and features of English-language prose poetry, an increasingly important and popular literary form that is still too little understood and appreciated. Poets and scholars Paul Hetherington and Cassandra Atherton introduce prose poetry’s key characteristics, chart its evolution from the nineteenth century to the present, and discuss many historical and contemporary prose poems that both demonstrate their great diversity around the Anglophone world and show why they represent some of today’s most inventive writing. A prose poem looks like prose but reads like poetry: it lacks the line breaks of other poetic forms but employs poetic techniques, such as internal rhyme, repetition, and compression. Prose Poetry explains how this form opens new spaces for writers to create riveting works that reshape the resources of prose while redefining the poetic. Discussing prose poetry’ s precursors, including William Wordsworth and Walt Whitman, and prose poets such as Charles Simic, Russell Edson, Lydia Davis, and Claudia Rankine, the book pays equal attention to male and female prose poets, documenting women’s essential but frequently unacknowledged contributions to the genre. Revealing how prose poetry tests boundaries and challenges conventions to open up new imaginative vistas, this is an essential book for all readers, students, teachers, and writers of prose poetry.

Ausgew hlte Gedichte

Ausgew  hlte Gedichte
Author: Alfred Tennyson
Total Pages: 150
Release: 1855

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The Oxford Companion to Modern Poetry in English

The Oxford Companion to Modern Poetry in English
Author: Jeremy Noel-Tod
Publsiher: Oxford University Press
Total Pages: 727
Release: 2013-05-23
Genre: Literary Criticism
ISBN: 0199640254

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Provides over 1,700 biographies of influential poets writing in English from 1910 to the present day, exploring the influences, inspirations, and movements that have shaped their works and lives.

In Translation Reflections Refractions Transformations

In Translation    Reflections  Refractions  Transformations
Author: Paul St-Pierre
Publsiher: John Benjamins Publishing
Total Pages: 313
Release: 2007-05-16
Genre: Language Arts & Disciplines
ISBN: 9027292523

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With contributions by researchers from India, Europe, North America and the Caribbean, In Translation – Reflections, refractions, transformations touches on questions of method and on topics – including copyright, cultural hybridity, globalization, identity construction, and minority languages – which are important for the disciplinary development of translation studies but also of interest to other fields as well, most notably comparative literature, cultural studies and world literature. The volume provides a forum for new voices to be heard alongside those of well-established scholars and for current concerns to express themselves, often focusing on practices in areas of the world other than Europe or North America, which have until now tended to dominate the field. Acknowledging difference and celebrating it, the contributions conceive of translation as a process which reconstitutes and transforms, which brings renewal and growth, an interaction in a new context, a new reading, a new writing.

A Companion to Twentieth Century Poetry

A Companion to Twentieth Century Poetry
Author: Neil Roberts
Publsiher: John Wiley & Sons
Total Pages: 648
Release: 2008-04-15
Genre: Literary Criticism
ISBN: 0470998660

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In the twentieth century more people spoke English and more people wrote poetry than in the whole of previous history, and this Companion strives to make sense of this crowded poetical era. The original contributions by leading international scholars and practising poets were written as the contributors adjusted to the idea that the possibilities of twentieth-century poetry were exhausted and finite. However, the volume also looks forward to the poetry and readings that the new century will bring. The Companion embraces the extraordinary development of poetry over the century in twenty English-speaking countries; a century which began with a bipolar transatlantic connection in modernism and ended with the decentred heterogeneity of post-colonialism. Representation of the 'canonical' and the 'marginal' is therefore balanced, including the full integration of women poets and feminist approaches and the in-depth treatment of post-colonial poets from various national traditions. Discussion of context, intertextualities and formal approaches illustrates the increasing self-consciousness and self-reflexivity of the period, whilst a 'Readings' section offers new readings of key selected texts. The volume as a whole offers critical and contextual coverage of the full range of English-language poetry in the last century.

Literature and Event

Literature and Event
Author: Mantra Mukim
Publsiher: Routledge
Total Pages: 336
Release: 2021-11-30
Genre: Literary Criticism
ISBN: 1000505588

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If "event" is a proper name we reserve for monumental changes, crises, transitions and ruptures that are by their very nature unnameable or unthinkable, then this volume is an attempt to set up an encounter between such eventhood as it comes to have a bearing on literary works and the work of reading literature. As the event continues to provide a valuable analytical paradigm for work undertaken within the newer subdisciplines of literary and critical theory, including close reading, bio- politics, world literature, and eco- criticism, this volume makes a concerted effort to update the scholarship in this area and foreground the recent resurgence of interest in the concept. The book provides both a retrospective appraisal of the significance of events to literary studies and the literary humanities, as well as contemporary and prospective appraisals of the same, and thus would appeal scholars and instructors in the areas of literary theory, comparative literature and philosophical aesthetics alike. Along with a specialist focus on thinkers such as Derrida, Badiou, Deleuze and Malabou, the essays in this volume read a wide corpus of literature ranging from Han Kang, Homer, Renee Gladman, Proust and Flaubert to Yoruba ideophones, Browning, Anne Carson, Jenichiro Oyabe and Ben Lerner.

Anne Carson Antiquity

Anne Carson  Antiquity
Author: Laura Jansen
Publsiher: Bloomsbury Publishing
Total Pages: 320
Release: 2021-10-07
Genre: Literary Criticism
ISBN: 1350174777

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From her seminal Eros the Bittersweet (1986) to her experimental Float (2016), Bakkhai (2017) and Norma Jeane Baker of Troy (2019), Anne Carson's engagement with antiquity has been deeply influential to generations of readers, both inside and outside of academia. One reason for her success is the versatile scope of her classically-oriented oeuvre, which she rethinks across multiple media and categories. Yet an equally significant reason is her profile as a classicist. In this role, Carson unfailingly refuses to conform to the established conventions and situated practices of her discipline, in favour of a mode of reading classical literature that allows for interpretative and creative freedom. From a multi-praxis, cross-disciplinary perspective, the volume explores the erudite indiscipline of Carson's classicism as it emerges in her poetry, translations, essays, and visual artistry. It argues that her classicism is irreducible to a single vision, and that it is best approached as integral to the protean character of her artistic thought. Anne Carson/Antiquity collects twenty essays by poets, translators, artists, practitioners and scholars. It offers the first collective study of the author's classicism, while drawing attention to one of the most avant-garde, multifaceted readings of the classical past.

The Daughter s Way

The Daughter   s Way
Author: Tanis MacDonald
Publsiher: Wilfrid Laurier Univ. Press
Total Pages: 350
Release: 2012-09-01
Genre: Literary Criticism
ISBN: 1554584019

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The Daughter’s Way investigates negotiations of female subjectivity in twentieth-century Canadian women’s elegies with a special emphasis on the father’s death as a literary and political watershed. The book examines the work of Dorothy Livesay, P.K. Page, Jay Macpherson, Margaret Atwood, Kristjana Gunnars, Lola Lemire Tostevin, Anne Carson, and Erin Mouré as elegiac daughteronomies—literary artifacts of mourning that grow from the poets’ investigation into the function and limitations of elegiac convention. Some poets treat the father as a metaphor for socio-political power, while others explore more personal iterations of loss, but all the poets in The Daughter’s Way seek to redefine daughterly duty in a contemporary context by challenging elegiac tradition through questions of genre and gender. Beginning with psychoanalytical theories of filiation, inheritance, and mourning as they are complicated by feminist challenges to theories of kinship and citizenship, The Daughter’s Way debates the efficacy of the literary “work of mourning” in twentieth-century Canadian poetry. By investigating the way a daughter’s filial piety performs and sometimes reconfigures such work, and situating melancholia as a creative force in women’s elegies, the book considers how elegies inquire into the rhetoric of mourning as it is complicated by father-daughter kinship.

Anne Carson

Anne Carson
Author: Joshua Marie Wilkinson
Publsiher: University of Michigan Press
Total Pages: 241
Release: 2015-01-28
Genre: Poetry
ISBN: 0472052535

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The first book of essays dedicated to the work of noted writer, Anne Carson

The Paris Review Book

The Paris Review Book
Author: The Paris Review
Publsiher: Picador
Total Pages: 768
Release: 2003-05-03
Genre: Fiction
ISBN: 0312710186

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An exciting new anthology from the journal Time magazine called "the biggest 'little magazine' in history." To commemorate the fiftieth anniversary of the venerable Paris Review, Picador is proud to publish a unique anthology based on the themes of modern life. Like the work of the writers included, this book will inspire a dizzying range of thought and emotion, serving as a cumulative and breathtaking "mirror" to the world we live in. To appear: Jack Kerouac Norman Mailer Louise Erdrich Jonathan Franzen Gabriel García Márquez William Burroughs Denis Johnson David Foster Wallace Raymond Carver Italo Calvino Grace Paley and many more.

Defensive Measures

Defensive Measures
Author: Lee Upton
Publsiher: Bucknell University Press
Total Pages: 158
Release: 2005
Genre: Literary Criticism
ISBN: 9780838756072

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Much of our strongest poetry that learned its lessons from early modernism lives by its defensive measures, that is, by means of reversing, inverting, and challenging in covert ways a dominant perceptual mode. Defensive Measures explores strategies by which poets claim their distinctiveness, and argues that poetry is the one literary form that most insistently demands a defense. It demands a defense, it would seem, because it is perpetually in crisis - not only in regard to its utility and its aesthetic appeal (or the vigor of its renunciation of such an appeal), but in regard to its generic existence. Upton defines a generative conception of defense and examines in a new light the poetry of Lorine Niedecker, Elizabeth Bishop, Louise Gluck, and Anne Carson. In writing about Bishop. Upton puts this well-regarded poet in a new framework, aligning her work with that of three poets whose aesthetics might be viewed as antithetical to her own ...


Author: Jed Rasula
Publsiher: University of Alabama Press
Total Pages: 324
Release: 2004-05-18
Genre: Literary Criticism
ISBN: 0817350306

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An analysis of the sustaining vitality behind contemporary American poetry from 1975 to the 2003, these 12 essays examine both exemplary innovators and the social context in which innovation is resisted, acclaimed, or taken for granted.

Reach Without Grasping

Reach Without Grasping
Author: Louis A. Ruprecht
Publsiher: Rowman & Littlefield
Total Pages: 221
Release: 2021-11-17
Genre: Religion
ISBN: 1793637679

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Reach without Grasping examines the robust engagement with classical Greek and Roman literatures, themes, and genres in the works of Anne Carson, who explores as many and as diverse a range of genre choices as the classical authors from whom she has drawn so richly throughout her enormously creative body of work.

Who s Who in Contemporary Women s Writing

Who s Who in Contemporary Women s Writing
Author: Jane Eldridge Miller
Publsiher: Routledge
Total Pages: 416
Release: 2019-07-23
Genre: Literary Collections
ISBN: 1136214305

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Unique in its breadth of coverage, Who's Who in Contemporary Women's Writing is a comprehensive, authoritative and enjoyable guide to women's fiction, prose, poetry and drama from around the world in the second half of the twentieth century. Over the course of 1000 entries by over 150 international contributors, a picture emerges of the incredible range of women's writing in our time, from Toni Morrison to Fleur Adcock- all are here. This book includes the established and well-loved but also opens up new worlds of modern literature which may be unfamiliar but are never less than fascinating.

A Companion to Greek Lyric

A Companion to Greek Lyric
Author: Laura Swift
Publsiher: John Wiley & Sons
Total Pages: 612
Release: 2022-05-24
Genre: Literary Criticism
ISBN: 1119122627

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Discover the power of Greek lyric with essays from some of the foremost scholars in the field today Recent decades have seen a strong resurgence of interest in Greek lyric, resulting in this topic becoming one of the most dynamic areas of Classical scholarship. In A Companion to Greek Lyric, renowned Classical scholar Laura Swift delivers a collection of essays by international experts and emerging voices that offers up-to-date approaches on the methodology, contexts, and reception of Greek lyric from the archaic to the Hellenistic period. This edited volume includes detailed analyses of the poets themselves, as well as a reflection of the current state of play in the study of Greek lyric. It showcases the scope and range of approaches to be found in scholarly work in the field. Newcomers to the subject will benefit from the range of contextual and technical information included that allows for a more effective engagement with the lyric poets. Readers will also enjoy: Guidance on working with texts that are mainly preserved as fragments A selection of ways in which lyric poetry has influenced and inspired writers from Rome to the modern era Recommendations for further reading that offer a starting point for how to follow up on a particular topic Perfect for undergraduate and master’s students taking courses on Greek lyric or survey courses on classical literature, A Companion to Greek Lyric also belongs in the libraries of students of English or Comparative Literature seeking an authoritative resource for Greek lyric.

A Study Guide for Anne Carson s New Rule

A Study Guide for Anne Carson s  New Rule
Author: Gale, Cengage Learning
Publsiher: Gale, Cengage Learning
Total Pages: 17
Release: 2016
Genre: Literary Criticism
ISBN: 1410353834

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A Study Guide for Anne Carson's "New Rule," excerpted from Gale's acclaimed Poetry for Students. This concise study guide includes plot summary; character analysis; author biography; study questions; historical context; suggestions for further reading; and much more. For any literature project, trust Poetry for Students for all of your research needs.