Grid Down Perceptions of Reality Vol 2 Book 1

Grid Down Perceptions of Reality Vol 2 Book 1
Author: Bruce Hemming
Publsiher: CreateSpace
Total Pages: 260
Release: 2013-02-07
Genre: Electromagnetic pulse
ISBN: 9781481856683

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Continues to follow a group of five people as they continue to survive the aftermath of an EMP, and begin rebuilding their lives.

Personal Reality Volume 1

Personal Reality  Volume 1
Author: Daniel Paksi
Publsiher: BoD – Books on Demand
Total Pages: 290
Release: 2020-01-01
Genre: Religion
ISBN: 0227177169

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Western civilization was built on the concept of God. Today modern science, based on the critical method and so-called objective facts, denies even the existence of our soul. There is only matter: atoms, molecules, and DNA sequences. There is no freedom; there are no well-grounded beliefs. The decline of Western civilization is not the simple consequence of decadence, hedonism, and malevolence. Modern critical science has liberated us from the old dogmas but failed to establish our freedoms, values, and beliefs. However, human knowledge is not objective but personal. We are the children of evolution. Everybody sees the world from his own personal point of view anchored into his/her body. We use our billions-of-years-old evolutionary skills and thousands-of-years-old cultural heritage to recognize and acknowledge the personal facts of our reality, freedom, and most important natural beliefs: respect and speak the truth. In reality, even science itself is based on our personal knowledge. Only our false conceptual dichotomies paralyze our thinking. God or matter? There is a third choice: the emergence of life and human persons. This is the only way to defend our freedoms and the Christian moral dynamism of free Western societies.

Readings in Sri Aurobindo s The Life Divine Volume 1

Readings in Sri Aurobindo s The Life Divine Volume 1
Author: Santosh Krinsky
Publsiher: Lotus Press
Total Pages: 227
Release: 2012-11-15
Genre: Philosophy
ISBN: 1608691403

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Readings in Sri Aurobindo's The Life Divine Volume 1 There is probably no other book [Sri Aurobindo's The Life Divine] that I know of which so well, completely, rationally and intuitively addresses the questions of our existence and the meaning of life, and provides a cogent answer rooted in the highest spiritual realization and yogic experience that can be adapted by all, regardless of their particular background or inclinations. Santosh Krinsky, a life long student of Sri Aurobindo, with great devotion, dedication and attention has served this crucial role of providing a bridge to help us enter more deeply into the vast universe of consciousness that Aurobindo holds open for humanity today. He leads the reader through each page of The Life Divine by extracting its essence. In this way, he makes the the book easier to access, with no loss of its broader meaning. - from the Foreword by Dr. David Frawley, author of Yoga and Ayurveda

UFO Case Files Of Scotland Volume 1 Amazing Real Life Alien Encounters

UFO Case Files Of Scotland  Volume 1   Amazing Real Life Alien Encounters
Author: Malcolm Robinson
Total Pages: 420
Release: 2017-06-21
Genre: Reference
ISBN: 0244912785

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The subject of UFOs has been hotly debated. Are UFOs space vehicles from another world? Are they top-secret military aircraft of some kind? Or are they simply a figment of our imagination? Malcolm Robinson is a UFO & Paranormal Researcher with over 40 year's expertise and has had `hands on' experience with each of the cases contained in this book. The full story regarding the wave of UFO sightings over the town of Bonnybridge is given here, as is the full story of Scotland's first `reported' UFO abduction (the A70 Incident) This book presents the most fascinating UFO cases that Scotland has to offer and clearly shows that Scotland as a country has been touched by the UFO presence. This book will leave you with little doubt that mankind is dealing with a very real and bona fide phenomenon, as the witnesses in this book can clearly testify to.

Textbook for the United life supporting Medicine

Textbook for the United life supporting Medicine
Author: Bodo Koehler
Publsiher: BoD – Books on Demand
Total Pages: 302
Release: 2021-10-26
Genre: Medical
ISBN: 3750436320

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This textbook sets new standards in the diagnosis and therapy of chronically ill people. The research results of important scientists were put into practice. The book shows the way for a long overdue union of conventional medicine and naturopathy. This step leads to another dimension of medicine, by integrating new, synergistic methods. This results in a higher quality with simultaneous cost efficiency, which can initiate the necessary paradigm shift: from specialist to generalist, who can grasp overarching relationships. Quantum mechanics has made a significant contribution to this and opened up new perspectives. The author Dr Bodo Koehler, MD, as an internist with extensive additional training in naturopathy, has more than 45 years of experience in clinic and his own practice. Through intensive research with a focus on biophysics and the exchange with many top-class scientists, he has acquired a comprehensive knowledge. In addition to several specialist books and over 150 publications, this has resulted in his own therapeutic methods and the development of medical products. The author is active as a lecturer at home and abroad.

Soul Existence Revealed Volume 1

Soul Existence Revealed Volume 1
Publsiher: Spirituality non-fiction
Total Pages:
Genre: Body, Mind & Spirit

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The Unknown Reality Volume One

The    Unknown    Reality  Volume One
Author: Jane Roberts
Publsiher: Amber-Allen Publishing
Total Pages: 304
Release: 2012-12-21
Genre: Self-Help
ISBN: 1934408395

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Volume One of two volumes Exploring the interdependence of multiple selves, Seth explains how understanding unknown dimensions can change the world as we know it. Readers are invited to discover their own unknown realities through a series of exercises.

Plain Talk Volume 2

Plain Talk Volume 2
Author: Corey Washington
Publsiher: Xlibris Corporation
Total Pages: 141
Release: 2010-05-24
Genre: Social Science
ISBN: 1450094279

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Official Website for Plain Talk Volume 1 Official Website for Plain talk Volume 2 Amazon link to Plain Talk Link to interview with Voices on the net with host J. J. Plain Talk is an easy read offering a brief overview of race in America. The book, which should land on the bookshelves of all races, is appropriately subtitled, everything you ever and never wanted to know about racism and stereotypes.Rob Redding Redding News Review

Broken Realms Broken Realms Book 1

Broken Realms  Broken Realms  Book 1
Author: D.W. Moneypenny
Publsiher: Nevertheless Publishing
Total Pages: 276
Release: 2019-08-16
Genre: Fiction

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Some lives are bigger than one reality. Because they have to be. The day Mara Lantern meets herself, her life gets bigger. When she meets her brother from an alternate universe, it becomes more complicated. And when her new mentor says creatures from other realms are invading this world, she thinks it’s absurd. Until he explodes into a cloud of dust and reassembles himself. That makes her doubt. Then he says only she can stop the invaders. That makes her afraid. -------- Join Mara Lantern and her companions in a seven-volume science fiction adventure through reality, time and space, where they encounter everything from steampunk dream worlds to artificial humans, from dragons to disembodied spirits, where metaphysics is science and magic is just one belief from coming true. Author’s note: To enjoy the story, you should read this series in order. Book 1: Broken Realms Book 2: Broken Souls Book 3: Broken Dragon Book 4: Broken Pixels Book 5: Broken Dreams Book 6: Broken Spells Book 7: Broken Talisman This series was previously titled The Chronicles of Mara Lantern. Individual book titles and contents have not changed.

A Humane Vision of Clinical Psychology Volume 1

A Humane Vision of Clinical Psychology  Volume 1
Author: Robert A. Graceffo
Publsiher: Taylor & Francis
Total Pages: 338
Release: 2022-09-09
Genre: Psychology
ISBN: 1000630404

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The primary purpose of psychotherapy is to improve a patient’s subjective experience. A Humane Vision of Clinical Psychology, Volume I shows readers what this might really mean, how it can be achieved, and where prevailing views go wrong in achieving it. It lays out an alternative idea of human suffering and human healing, one that deemphasizes constructs and prioritizes experience itself. Early chapters argue that helping people to "know new things" is the ultimate target of psychotherapeutic change, but that our field has not sufficiently reflected on the complications of this task. A theory is then offered, which suggests that the unthinkable aspects of human experience are responsible for the very ways in which we human beings think. It invites and outlines a serious reformulation of psychotherapy in which human cognition is not the seat but the beneficiary of human change. This book will be valuable for therapists, psychologists, psychiatrists, and other practitioners as well as graduate and undergraduate students in the fields of psychiatry, psychology, psychotherapy, mental health, social work, and philosophy. It will be of great interest for clinicians who find themselves disenchanted with the field’s current ethos, which is stilted by scientistic approaches to soothing the suffering of the other.

The Band Director s Lessons About Life Volume 1 50 Parables on Life s Performance Cycle

The Band Director s Lessons About Life  Volume 1  50 Parables on Life s Performance Cycle
Author: Donald Lee
Publsiher:, Inc.
Total Pages: 200
Release: 2019-11-15
Genre: Religion
ISBN: 1647180465

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It’s tough to find your way in the no-man’s-land between traditional religious dogma and New Age “woo-woo”. Spiritual author and speaker Donald Lee masterfully reveals a common-sense and universal view of spirituality in his new book of modern-day parables. Do you feel adrift in a sea of conflict? Do you feel your life needs direction? Has your spiritual journey got you lost in the woods? “The Band Director’s Lessons About Life” offers simple advice and relatable stories from your friendly, neighborhood band director. Using music as a metaphor for life, each little parable begins with a story from school and ends with a reflection on the spiritual meaning of the story. How to: • Find your path. • Be yourself. • Persevere through struggles. • Learn from failure, and • Love the process. Fifty stories and reflections to pick you up, dust you off, and set you on your way. Or take five minutes before bed to read a parable. You’ll sleep with a positive, inspirational message in your mind. Donald Lee draws on decades as both a band director and a religion teacher to expertly craft band room vignettes that are both entertaining and illuminating. Whether you’re a Sunday pew-warmer, a hermit monk, or a high-mileage astral traveler, you’ll find something to love, cherish, and chuckle at in these fascinating stories. Pick up your copy today! "If you pick up this collection, consider that you found a treasure. I do. It both entertains me, and inspires me." Archbishop Gerard Pettipas, C.Ss.R. Archbishop of Grouard-McLennan "The stories made me laugh. The reflections made me think. These lessons are for everyone." Joanne Byfield, Journalist, Radio/TV Producer

Peace Power and Presence

Peace  Power  and Presence
Author: Jonathan Evatt
Publsiher: Inspired Earth Publishing
Total Pages: 420
Release: 2008-04
Genre: Body, Mind & Spirit
ISBN: 1877492000

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Why is your life the way it is? How do your thoughts, emotions, and beliefs affect your perception of the world around you? How does this perception influence your power, and therefore affect your state of Inner Peace? Most importantly, how can you approach your life--as it is right now--in such a way so as to liberate yourself from suffering and become established in a lasting state of Peace, in the Power to fulfil your purpose, and in absolute Presence to the perfection that you are? In this groundbreaking new book Peace, Power, and Presence, Jonathan Evatt brings clarity to key principles and perspectives on these and other challenging questions. The result is nothing short of your becoming empowered to recognize the ultimate answers already emerging from the essence within you. You will pierce through the many veils of deception so prevalent in the world today, and step into a Life of Freedom defined not by some external source of knowledge but by the immaculate wisdom of your own Being. In what is set to become a key point of reference for those individuals interested in spiritual and human freedom, Jonathan makes no attempt to show you how to live your life. Instead, he shares with you a new way to approach the life you are already living--an approach that will bring into actualization your innate qualities of Enlightenment--for a Life of Freedom. AWARDS: Winner of a Shortlisting Award in the Mind, Body, Spirit genre (2006) Ashton Wylie Charitable Trust Unpublished Manuscript Award

The Perception Transformation Collection 3 Books in 1 Bundle How to See and Think Differently

The Perception Transformation Collection  3 Books in 1 Bundle   How to See and Think Differently
Author: Chris Smythe
Publsiher: Chris Smythe
Total Pages:
Genre: Self-Help

Download The Perception Transformation Collection 3 Books in 1 Bundle How to See and Think Differently Book in PDF, Epub and Kindle

How to See and Think Differently Is life hard or we are just making it up in our own mind? What we perceive is what we believe, and all this is based on what we hear, see, feel, and think. Our perception drives our behaviors every day and our thoughts are perhaps the most crucial components of our ability to perceive. In this 3 books in 1 bundle, we will discuss in details on the power of our perception and explore how the way our mind works affects our perception. We will take a closer look at how each of us perceives the sight and sound we receive in a way which is very different from each others. We will also discuss the importance of perception in our understanding of what reality really is, and reveal some shocking "Real Life Scenarios" which will consolidate your understanding of our perception. we’ll be diving in topics that all of us will face. Herd mentality, insecurity, and topics that are related to how we can “ Think Outside The Box “. We’ll talk about why and how people act the same way or adopt similar behaviors as the people around them — often ignoring their own feelings in the process. It Only Takes One Opportunity To Change Someone's Life For the last book, we will learn and find out how to take advantage of the opportunities around us. We have countless opportunities around us that go wasted everyday and this is due to the lack of awareness that we have regarding the importance of creating opportunities for ourselves. Whether it is regarding that someone special, family, friends, co-workers, acquaintances, new individuals or jobs around us, magical opportunities are always waiting for us, but we have to be able to recognize an opportunity when we see one. If we all can be more aware of our surrounding ,"One" opportunity can change everything and help us progress towards success. Download this powerful 3 in 1 guide to learn more

How to Be Right about Everything

How to Be Right about Everything
Author: Nash Mourad
Total Pages: 168
Release: 2009
Genre: Body, Mind & Spirit
ISBN: 9780984061938

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Everyone you encounter, in reality, is your equal, whole, perfect, and innocent reflection. In fiction, there seem to be all kinds of differences between you and the other, some even warranting a warlike stance. Something remarkable seems to happen when you listen to others fully recognizing that they are your reflection. THIS is how you learn about yourself... The book is written so it can be read by young and old, in any part of the world, and in any walk of life. It is a universal book with one message revealed and applied through a process called unlearning - "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." Each chapter is a catalyst. Each catalyst is designed to stimulate and release blockages in identity. Through the release of these blockages, a healthier and easier relationship with oneself and others is experienced.

Art Perception

Art Perception
Author: David Cycleback
Total Pages: 205
Release: 2014-05-21
Genre: Art
ISBN: 1312117494

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A complex and fascinating question is why do humans have such strong emotional reactions and human connections to art? Why do viewers become scared, even haunted for days, by a movie monster they know doesn't exist? Why do humans become enthralled by distorted figures and scenes that aren't realistic? Why do viewers have emotional attachments to comic book characters? The answer lies in that, while humans know art is human made artifice, they view and decipher art using the same often nonconscious methods that they use to view and decipher reality. Looking at how we perceive reality shows us how we perceive art, and looking at how we perceive art helps show us how we perceive reality. Written by the prominent art historian and philosopher Cycleback, this book is a concise introduction to understanding art perception, covering key psychological, cognitive science, physiological and philosophical concepts.

John Wesley s Teachings Volume 1

John Wesley s Teachings  Volume 1
Author: Thomas C. Oden
Publsiher: Zondervan Academic
Total Pages: 240
Release: 2012-08-07
Genre: Religion
ISBN: 0310587042

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The first presentation of John Wesley's doctrinal teachings in a systematic form that is also faithful to Wesley's own writings in ebook format. Wesley was a prolific writer and commentator on Scripture, yet it is commonly held that he was not systematic or internally consistent in his theology and doctrinal teachings. On the contrary, Thomas C. Oden intends to demonstrate here that Wesley displayed a remarkable degree of consistency over sixty years of preaching and ministry. The book helps readers to grasp Wesley's essential teachings in an accessible form so that the person desiring to go directly to Wesley's own writings (which fill eighteen volumes) will know exactly where to turn. This volume focuses on Wesley's doctrinal teaching. Other volumes in this series deal with his ethical and pastoral care teachings.

Welfare in America

Welfare in America
Author: Stanley W. Carlson-Thies
Publsiher: Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing
Total Pages: 614
Release: 1996
Genre: Religion
ISBN: 9780802841278

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Discusses the current issue of welfare reform and shares views on what the church's position should be.