Fear the Dark

Fear the Dark
Author: Kay Hooper
Publsiher: Penguin
Total Pages: 189
Release: 2015-10-20
Genre: Fiction
ISBN: 0698191935

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In New York Times bestselling author Kay Hooper’s new novel, an SCU team investigates a troubling string of disappearances. But how do you find someone who has vanished without a trace? Something strange is happening in the small mountain town of Serenity, Tennessee. People going on routine errands never reach their destination. It’s as if they simply disappear. Over the past few weeks, it’s happened to five men and women—and now a child. The local police chief calls the FBI, and a team from the Special Crimes Unit is immediately sent in. Agents Lucas and Samantha Jordan, partners in work and in life, have very different abilities. Samantha is clairvoyant and Lucas possesses a unique ability to find the lost or abducted. With them are new partners Dante Swann, a medium, and Robbie Hodge, a telepath. The town is already on the edge of panic, but the mysterious events take a sinister turn when a body unrelated to the missing persons case surfaces and one of the SCU agents vanishes. Now, the team’s hunt for the lost has turned into something very personal…and very dangerous.


Publsiher: Pharos Books Private Limited
Total Pages: 192
Release: 2021-06-17
Genre: Fiction
ISBN: 9391103847

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Sebaga, a blind girl tries to find herself in a world of darkness. Her path crosses with Thato and Kebonye, two friends who will get her in trouble but adore her.

Seeing Dark Things

Seeing Dark Things
Author: Roy Sorensen
Publsiher: Oxford University Press
Total Pages: 328
Release: 2008-01-08
Genre: Philosophy
ISBN: 0199886792

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If a spinning disk casts a round shadow does this shadow also spin? When you experience the total blackness of a cave, are you seeing in the dark? Or are you merely failing to see anything (just like your blind companion)? Seeing Dark Things uses visual riddles to explore our ability to see things that do not reflect light. Shadows and holes are anomalies for the causal theory of perception, which states that anything we see must be a cause of what we see. This requirement neatly explains why you see the front of a book's jacket and not its rear when you look at it face-on. However, the causal theory has trouble explaining how you manage to see the black letters on its surface. The letters are made visible by the light they fail to reflect rather than by the light they reflect. Nevertheless, Roy Sorensen defends the causal theory of perception by treating absences as causes. His fourteen chapters draw heavily on common sense and psychology to vindicate the assumption that we perceive absences. Seeing Dark Things is philosophy for the eye. It contains fifty-nine figures designed to prompt visual judgment. Sorensen proceeds bottom-up from observation rather than top-down from theory. He regards detailed analysis of absences as premature; he hopes a future theory will refine the pictorial thinking stimulated by the book's riddles. Just as the biologist pursues genetics with fruit flies, the metaphysician can study absences by means of shadows. Shadows are metaphysical amphibians with one foot on the terra firma of common sense and the other in the murky waters of nonbeing. Sorensen portrays the causal theory of perception's confrontation with the shadows as a triumph against alien attack - a victory that deepens a theory that resonates profoundly with common sense and science. In sum, Seeing Dark Things is an unorthodox defense of an orthodox theory. "Seeing Dark Things is an adventurous philosophical exercise in the ontology and epistemology of the commonsense world. Its treatment of the many puzzles that surround such putative 'negative' entities as shadows and holes will make it a classic on the literature on privations for many yeas to come. The book is also a wonderful example of how philosophy can be done without falling into the traps of the academic rigmarole. Sorensen is truly unique in his capacity to bring together classic philosophers, contemporary authors, and ticklish anecdotes." - Achille Varzi, Columbia University "This is a wonderful book, full of a profound, unsettling cleverness and weirdly satisfying counter-intuitiveness that the subject requires...a great book." - Richard Marshall, Bookforum "Sorensen is an extraordinarily fertile and imaginative philosopher, drawing widely on philosophy, physics, biology and vision science to mine his chosen quarry. His arguments, anecdotes and examples are always engaging. Add them to his effortless style and you have a rare commodity - a book of serious philosophy that many non-professionals will enjoy." - Ian Phillips, Times Literary Supplement "Sorensen's book is certainly fascinating and richly thought-provoking... he argues carefully and clearly in favour of his key claims, all of which merit very serious consideration, even if they sometimes provoke one to construct and defend alternative views. That, however, is surely the hallmark of the very best kind of philosophy writing. Seeing Dark Things is a model of this kind." - E.J. Lowe, Philosophy

Hidden Ocean

Hidden Ocean
Author: Shree Adheesh
Publsiher: Diamond Pocket Books Pvt Ltd
Total Pages: 224
Release: 2016-10-10
Genre: Self-Help
ISBN: 8128828177

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Shree Adheesh is a lover of the Beloved Master OSHO. He came from India to Agios Nikolaos on the island of Crete, where he creates an ocean of deep relaxation and super- understanding. Man with a loving heart presented this book to the seekers who love themselves. Very early, he discovers and explains by himself the mysteries in Life. For twenty years, he has been guiding meditation and teaching yoga for the modern man in India, Europe and Australia while the last years he shares his time between India and Crete. As a musician, he gives concerts playing classical Indian music. He also records music for meditation, yoga and Reiki. Shree Adheesh is the founder of Karavi Yog International in Agios Nikolaos, Crete.

Dark Blessing

Dark Blessing
Author: L. a. Artis
Publsiher: Xulon Press
Total Pages: 234
Release: 2007-09
Genre: Religion
ISBN: 1602667756

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Rev. Artis walks the reader through the Word of God and through the dark days of her own walk with the Lord to reveal Gods Light in each dark place in life. (Practical Life)

Fear of the Dark

Fear of the Dark
Author: Walter Mosley
Publsiher: Hachette UK
Total Pages: 320
Release: 2006-09-19
Genre: Fiction
ISBN: 0759568227

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Fearless Jones and Paris Minton, stars of the bestsellers Fearless Jones and Fear Itself, return in a high-velocity, larger-than-life thriller about family, betrayal, and revenge. "I'm in trouble, Paris." Paris Minton has heard these words before. They mean only one thing: that his neck is on the line too. So when they are uttered by his lowlife cousin Ulysses S. Grant, Paris keeps the door firmly closed. With family like Ulysses -- useless to everyone except his mother -- who needs enemies? But trouble always finds an open window, and when "Useless" Ulysses' mother, Three Hearts, shows up from Louisiana to look for her son, Paris has no choice but to track down his wayward cousin. Finding a con artist like Useless is easier said than done. But with the aid of his ear-to-the-ground friend Fearless Jones, Paris gets a hint that Useless may have expanded his range of enterprise to include blackmail. Now he has disappeared, and Paris's mission is to discover whether he is hiding from his vengeful victims -- or already dead. Traversing the complicated landscape of 1950s Los Angeles, where a wrong look can get a black man killed, Paris and Fearless find desperate women, secret lives, and more than one dead body along the way. Fear of the Dark is filled with the sheer-nerve plotting and brilliant characterizations that prompted The Nation to credit Walter Mosley for "the finest detective oeuvre in American literature."

Nicene and Post Nicene Fathers First Series Volume IV St Augustine The Writings Against the Manichaeans and Against the Donatists

Nicene and Post Nicene Fathers  First Series  Volume IV St  Augustine  The Writings Against the Manichaeans  and Against the Donatists
Author: Philip Schaff
Publsiher: Cosimo, Inc.
Total Pages: 684
Release: 2007-05-01
Genre: Religion
ISBN: 1602065977

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"The Council of Nicaea in 325 AD marked the beginning of a new era in Christianity. For the first time, doctrines were organized into a single creed. The Nicene and Post-Nicene Fathers did most of their writing during and after this important event in Church history. Unlike the previous era of Christian writing, the Nicene and Post-Nicene era is dominated by a few very important and prolific writers. In Volume IV of the 14-volume collected writings of the Nicenes and Post-Nicenes (first published between 1886 and 1889), readers will find Augustines writings defending the Catholic church against the Manichaeans and the Donatists. Manichaeanism was a religion developed in Persia by the prophet Mani. According to this religion, creation has two parts: darkness and light. Light is God and has ten attributes. Opposing this, and coeternal with it, is darkness and its five attributes. Saint Augustine was originally a Manichaean, so his defense of Christianity against this religion comes from a deep understanding of its nature. Donatists were a group of believers who refused to forgive those who had renounced their faith during a time of persecution, which caused a schism in Christianity. In opposing these men, Augustine attempted to mend the rift. Those with an interest in ancient religions will find Augustines writings on Manichaeanism one of the most important historical records of that religions practices."

The Works of Aurelius Augustine Writings in connection with the Manichaean heresy translated by Richard Stothert 1872

The Works of Aurelius Augustine  Writings in connection with the Manichaean heresy  translated by Richard Stothert  1872
Author: Saint Augustine (of Hippo)
Total Pages:
Release: 1872
Genre: Theology

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Facing Your Fear of the Dark

Facing Your Fear of the Dark
Author: Heather E. Schwartz
Publsiher: Raintree
Total Pages: 25
Release: 2023-05-11
ISBN: 1398248819

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The Writings Against The Manichaeans And The Donatists

The Writings Against The Manichaeans And The Donatists
Author: St. Augustine of Hippo
Publsiher: Jazzybee Verlag
Total Pages: 638
Genre: Religion
ISBN: 3849674312

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This volume gives a fair sample of Augustin’s controversial powers. His nine years’ personal experience of the vanity of Manichæism made him thoroughly earnest and sympathetic in his efforts to disentangle other men from its snares, and also equipped him with the knowledge requisite for this task. No doubt the Pelagian controversy was more congenial to his mind. His logical acuteness and knowledge of Scripture availed him more in combating men who fought with the same weapons, than in dealing with a system which threw around its positions the mist of Gnostic speculation, or veiled its doctrine under a grotesque mythology, or based itself on a cosmogony too fantastic for a Western mind to tolerate.[25] But however Augustin may have misconceived the strange forms in which this system was presented, there is no doubt that he comprehended and demolished its fundamental principles;[26] that he did so as a necessary part of his own personal search for the truth; and that in doing so he gained possession, vitally and permanently of ideas and principles which subsequently entered into all he thought and wrote. In finding his way through the mazes of the obscure region into which Mani had led him, he once for all ascertained the true relation subsisting between God and His creatures, formed his opinion regarding the respective provinces of reason and faith, and the connection of the Old and New Testaments, and found the root of all evil in the created will.

Waking Up to the Dark

Waking Up to the Dark
Author: Clark Strand
Publsiher: Random House
Total Pages: 161
Release: 2015-04-28
Genre: Self-Help
ISBN: 0812997735

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In the tradition of Thomas Merton’s spiritual classic The Seven Storey Mountain or Thomas Moore’s Care of the Soul, Waking Up to the Dark is a deeply resonant and personal project—a modern gospel that is an investigation of the relationship between darkness and the soul. The darkness Clark Strand is talking about here is literal: the darkness of the nighttime, of a world before electricity, when there was a rhythm to life that followed the sun’s rising and setting. Strand here offers penetrating insight into the spiritual enrichment that can be found when we pull the plug on our billion-watt culture. He argues that the insomnia so many of us experience as “the Hour of the Wolf” is really “the Hour of God”—a wellspring of rest and renewal, and an ancient reservoir of ancestral wisdom and inspiration. And in a powerful yet surprising turn, he shares with us an urgent message for the world, received through a mysterious young woman, about the changes we all know are coming. Waking Up to the Dark is a book for those of us who awaken in the night and don’t know why we can’t get back to sleep, and a book for those of us who have grown uncomfortable in real darkness—which we so rarely experience these days, since our first impulse is always to turn on the light. Most of all, it is a book for those of us who wonder about our souls: When the lights are always on, when there is always noise around us, do our souls have the nourishment they need in which to grow? Praise for Waking Up to the Dark “A celebration of the life-enriching—indeed, indispensable—properties of the night . . . Strand delivers a significant amount of experiential melding to existential thoughtfulness in this book about the sublime and elemental powers of the dark. . . . An exigent, affecting summons to rediscover the night.”—Kirkus Reviews “This book is small in size and mighty in spirit. It is at once a clarion call and a meditation. Sonorous, deep, soul-stirring, and profoundly comforting, Waking Up to the Dark is a rare book that will be pressed from one hand to the next with the urgent, whispered words: You must read this.”—Dani Shapiro, author of Devotion “In a modern world flooded with artificial light, Clark Strand reminds us what we have left behind in the dark. This beautiful, haunting meditation is filled with surprises and lost knowledge. Read it by candlelight—you will never forget it.”—Mitch Horowitz, author of Occult America and One Simple Idea “In this exhilaratingly original work, Clark Strand shows us that the key to enlightenment lies where we don’t want to look. It is hidden in plain sight, but we have to turn the lights off to find it.”—Mark Epstein, M.D., author of Going to Pieces Without Falling Apart and The Trauma of Everyday Life “Breathtaking and revolutionary, a small masterpiece for a world that has grown uncomfortable with the darkness and a poignant plea to take back the dark as the Hour of God, as the great friend of faith, awakening, and soul nourishment.”—Gail Straub, co-founder of Empowerment Institute and author of Returning to My Mother’s House “Wonder, solitude, quiet, intimacy, the holy—darkness holds these treasures and more. If we want to connect with God, argues Strand in this wise and compassionate book, we will ‘awaken to the dark.’ ”—Paul Bogard, author of The End of Night

Jesus Son of God

Jesus Son of God
Author: Lynda Hackford
Publsiher: Australian Self Publishing Group
Total Pages: 242
Release: 2017
Genre: Religion
ISBN: 1925477975

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Jesus son of God is our Game Changer In our Lord Jesus Christ there is always hope for all who have faith and trust in his Holy name; trusting in him because he has changed the world; our life is so brief yet he came to give us life and everlasting hope. Jesus son of God is our game changer; he came to our world over 2000 years ago, to tell his parables, stories about how things will go; and the things our Messiah said still haunt the world today; he taught about love and faith, to believe in all he teaches, he taught us truth. We who believe hunger and thirst for this amazing man who came to save all; we “think” then say; we should think more like him, and try harder and do what he says. When we experience his love it is then that we realize he is right; he is telling us the truth, its becomes so real in our hearts, he is transforming us to be more like him in our thoughts and behaviour, we see the light; he is willing to reach out to us and save us giving us life everlasting; these words are the most important words to give to his children, done through repentance and with a sorrowful heart, Jesus Christ is our game changer; Jesus Christ is our saviour and our King; let Jesus be a game changer in your life as he was for me; feel his love, faith and mercy, believe and let him take you by the hand and lead you to life everlasting. AMEN God bless you all Lynda Hackford

Dark Light Consciousness

Dark Light Consciousness
Author: Edward Bruce Bynum
Publsiher: Simon and Schuster
Total Pages: 368
Release: 2012-06-19
Genre: Body, Mind & Spirit
ISBN: 1594776865

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How to awaken the Ureaus--the serpent power of spiritual transcendence within each of us--and connect to the superconscious of the universe • Reveals the biochemistry of how the body’s melanin provides the template for the subtle energy body or light body • Shows how embracing the dark light consciousness of the awakened Ureaus opens a portal to the sacred darkness of the superconscious • Provides illustrated instructions for meditation practices, breathing exercises, and yoga postures to safely awaken Ureaus/Kundalini energy Within each of us lies the potential to activate a personal connection to the superconscious. Called “Ureaus” in ancient Egyptian texts and “Kundalini” in ancient Hindu yoga traditions, our innate serpent power of spiritual transcendence inhabits the base of the spine in its dormant state. When awakened, it unfurls along the spinal column to the brain, connecting individual consciousness to the consciousness of the universe enfolded within the dark matter of space. At the root of creativity and spiritual genius across innumerable cultures and civilizations, this intelligent force reveals portals that enfold time, space, and the luminous matrix of reality itself. Combining physics, neuroscience, and biochemistry with ancient traditions from Africa and India, Edward Bruce Bynum, Ph.D., explores the ancient Egyptian science of the Ureaus and reveals how it is intimately connected to dark matter and to melanin, a light-sensitive, energy-conducting substance found in the brain, nervous system, and organs of all higher life-forms. He explains how the dark light of melanin serves as the biochemical infrastructure for the subtle energy body, just as dark matter, together with gravity, holds the galaxies and constellations together. With illustrated instructions, he shows how to safely awaken and stabilize the spiritual energy of the Ureaus through meditation practices, breathing exercises, and yoga postures as well as how to prepare the subtle body for transdimensional soul travel. By embracing the dark light of the shining serpent within, we overcome our collective fear of the vast living darkness without. By embracing the dark, we transcend reality to the dimension of light.

Make It Home Before Dark

Make It Home Before Dark
Author: Crawford W. Loritts, Jr.
Publsiher: Moody Publishers
Total Pages: 162
Release: 2000-06-01
Genre: Religion
ISBN: 9781575678382

Download Make It Home Before Dark Book in PDF, Epub and Kindle

God calls us to live lives of holiness. But that is impossible without a close walk with Christ. That walk must begin with repentance; it is crucial to living biblical, practical holiness everyday. Crawford Loritts takes a fresh look at the role of repentance in Make It Home Before Dark. Written with warmth and insight, Loritts gives help to those struggling with sin or rejection in their lives. This is an honest and hopeful book, full of biblical insight and practical advice. It may be just the tool to help you in your journey to a fuller life in Christ.

Roman Wolfe 3 the Problem of Evil

Roman Wolfe 3  the Problem of Evil
Author: Bill Sheehan
Publsiher: iUniverse
Total Pages: 534
Release: 2012-10-15
Genre: Fiction
ISBN: 9781475955484

Download Roman Wolfe 3 the Problem of Evil Book in PDF, Epub and Kindle

What kind of maniacal deviant preys on young teenage girls and viciously terrorizes a small town in upstate New York? Roman Wolfe, a.k.a. Wolfman, is a Vietnam combat veteran who had specialized in the stealthy, nighttime-stalking and killing of the enemy. After the war Roman gets a college education and becomes an elementary school teacher who is still haunted by his violent war experiences on the killing fields and in the jungles of Vietnam. Roman feels the need to end his teaching career when his schools community is informed about his specialized actions in Vietnam and many parents react negatively. When most parents no longer want their children placed in Romans classroom, he resigns his teaching position and becomes a Private Investigator who prefers to handle cases involving children. Shortly after becoming a PI, his two high-ranking state trooper friends ask him for help as a consultant in solving a serial murders case involving the killing of female children. Now Wolfman must emerge again to hunt a sadistic, but intelligent killer.


Author: Dr. M.P. Washington
Publsiher: Xlibris Corporation
Total Pages: 286
Release: 2009-12-23
Genre: Religion
ISBN: 9781462841448

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This will not be like any other Devotional you have read, for this is not a book that you read in your intellect. It is a Chapter in the book of Life YOUR LIFE. God is summoning you to a higher place of understanding. We have the blessing of the Word of God that was written by men who were under the Anointing. They did not know at the time of their writing that they were writing what would become known as the Holy Bible. The Apostle Paul simply wrote love letters to those of whom God assigned him to minister to. He did not know that his letters would be baptized with the fire of God and save thousands of generations. His life, all the triumphs as well as the failures of his life became an open book, and so is yours. Kings, Shepherds, Judges, Warriors, even Gods enemy has a page in the book of life. Your story is life as well and it is being written by the angels. In reality the Book of Life has three parts, and they are The Old Testament, The New Testament and the Book that Jesus spoke of in heaven called the Lambs Book. This Book, The Lambs Book is the Third Book, and you are among the number characters in that book. Mal 3:16 Then they that feared the LORD spake often one to another: and the LORD hearkened, and heard it, and a book of remembrance was written before him for them that feared the LORD, and that thought upon his name. Live Holy because the Angels are keeping notes. They are writing your every experience, your every failure, triumph, your every praise is being written at this very moment and one day your name will be called and the book will be opened and you will have to give an account for the things you have done. This devotional will be included in the Third Part. Read and Grow thereby. God is watching and the Angels are writing as the Saga of Holiness Continues.

Genesis Project Prelude to Destiny

Genesis Project  Prelude to Destiny
Author: Aaron Michael Fanthorpe
Publsiher: Trafford Publishing
Total Pages: 434
Release: 2007
ISBN: 1425148328

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She is Ravania... The last of the Emahra She is ageless and powerful Has fought Demons and Empires Now the day is at hand... She will fight them again...