The Book of Phobias and Manias

The Book of Phobias and Manias
Author: Kate Summerscale
Publsiher: Profile Books
Total Pages: 199
Release: 2022-10-06
Genre: History
ISBN: 1782835652

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THE PERFECT CHRISTMAS GIFT FOR ALL BIBLIOMANES A TIMES BOOK OF THE YEAR A FINANCIAL TIMES BOOK OF THE YEAR A SPECTATOR BOOK OF THE YEAR A WATERSTONES BEST POPULAR SCIENCE BOOK 2022 AS HEARD ON BBC RADIO 4 WOMAN'S HOUR AND START THE WEEK Plunge into this rich, surprising and stunningly designed A-Z compendium to discover how our fixations have taken shape, from the Middle Ages to the present day, as bestselling author Kate Summerscale deftly traces the threads between the past and present, the psychological and social, the personal and the political. 'Fascinating ... Phobias and manias create a magical space between us and the world' Malcolm Gaskill, author of the No. 1 bestseller The Ruin of All Witches 'Fascinating' Observer 'An endlessly intriguing book ... All the bibliomanes (book nutters) I know will love it' Daily Mail 'A new book from Summerscale is always a treat ... Her sub-title might echo Neil MacGregor, but this reads more like a book by Oliver Sacks, with dashes of Roald Dahl' Spectator

Fear Sunshine Dark Matters

Fear   Sunshine  Dark Matters
Author: Donovan Scherer
Publsiher: Studio Moonfall LLC
Total Pages: 394
Release: 2013-09-01
Genre: Juvenile Fiction
ISBN: 0984174680

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Having found her place in the Darksmith legacy, Sunshine Saliente is now in the business of mad science. Though she would be more than happy to be spending her time watching clouds drift by and daydreaming of her happy days of living in a treehouse, there’s work to do. The doors of Darksmith Manor have reopened and its first customer has arrived. There are, however, those who would like nothing more than to see the monster-making family come to an end, once and for all.

Fear of the Dark

Fear of the Dark
Author: Walter Mosley
Publsiher: Hachette UK
Total Pages: 320
Release: 2006-09-19
Genre: Fiction
ISBN: 0759568227

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Fearless Jones and Paris Minton, stars of the bestsellers Fearless Jones and Fear Itself, return in a high-velocity, larger-than-life thriller about family, betrayal, and revenge. "I'm in trouble, Paris." Paris Minton has heard these words before. They mean only one thing: that his neck is on the line too. So when they are uttered by his lowlife cousin Ulysses S. Grant, Paris keeps the door firmly closed. With family like Ulysses -- useless to everyone except his mother -- who needs enemies? But trouble always finds an open window, and when "Useless" Ulysses' mother, Three Hearts, shows up from Louisiana to look for her son, Paris has no choice but to track down his wayward cousin. Finding a con artist like Useless is easier said than done. But with the aid of his ear-to-the-ground friend Fearless Jones, Paris gets a hint that Useless may have expanded his range of enterprise to include blackmail. Now he has disappeared, and Paris's mission is to discover whether he is hiding from his vengeful victims -- or already dead. Traversing the complicated landscape of 1950s Los Angeles, where a wrong look can get a black man killed, Paris and Fearless find desperate women, secret lives, and more than one dead body along the way. Fear of the Dark is filled with the sheer-nerve plotting and brilliant characterizations that prompted The Nation to credit Walter Mosley for "the finest detective oeuvre in American literature."

Facing Your Fear of the Dark

Facing Your Fear of the Dark
Author: Heather E. Schwartz
Publsiher: Raintree
Total Pages: 25
Release: 2023-05-11
ISBN: 1398248819

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Make It Home Before Dark

Make It Home Before Dark
Author: Crawford W. Loritts, Jr.
Publsiher: Moody Publishers
Total Pages: 162
Release: 2000-06-01
Genre: Religion
ISBN: 9781575678382

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God calls us to live lives of holiness. But that is impossible without a close walk with Christ. That walk must begin with repentance; it is crucial to living biblical, practical holiness everyday. Crawford Loritts takes a fresh look at the role of repentance in Make It Home Before Dark. Written with warmth and insight, Loritts gives help to those struggling with sin or rejection in their lives. This is an honest and hopeful book, full of biblical insight and practical advice. It may be just the tool to help you in your journey to a fuller life in Christ.

Maternal Child Health Nursing

Maternal   Child Health Nursing
Author: Adele Pillitteri
Publsiher: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
Total Pages: 1806
Release: 2010
Genre: Medical
ISBN: 1582559996

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Growing research shows that many children from immigrant and refugee families are not doing well in school, due in part to linguistic and cultural disadvantages. Teaching dual-language learners requires cultural sensitivity, an understanding of language acquisition, and intentional teaching strategies. Combining research and techniques, this resource helps early childhood educators support dual-language learners as they develop the skills necessary for school readiness and success.

Thought Experiments

Thought Experiments
Author: Roy A. Sorensen Associate Professor of Philosophy New York University
Publsiher: Oxford University Press, USA
Total Pages: 334
Release: 1992-08-06
Genre: Philosophy
ISBN: 0198023804

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Sorensen presents a general theory of thought experiments: what they are, how they work, what are their virtues and vices. On Sorensen's view, philosophy differs from science in degree, but not in kind. For this reason, he claims, it is possible to understand philosophical thought experiments by concentrating on their resemblance to scientific relatives. Lessons learned about scientific experimentation carry over to thought experiment, and vice versa. Sorensen also assesses the hazards and pseudo-hazards of thought experiments. Although he grants that there are interesting ways in which the method leads us astray, he attacks most scepticism about thought experiments as arbitrary. They should be used, he says, as they generally are used--as part of a diversified portfolio of techniques. All of these devices are individually susceptible to abuse, fallacy, and error. Collectively, however, they provide a network of cross-checks that make for impressive reliability.

Philosophy in Ovid Ovid as Philosopher

Philosophy in Ovid  Ovid as Philosopher
Author: Gareth Williams
Publsiher: Oxford University Press
Total Pages: 417
Release: 2022
Genre: Literary Collections
ISBN: 0197610331

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"This volume contains sixteen essays on various aspects of Ovid's engagement with philosophical trends and topics. Ovid has long been celebrated for the versatility of his poetic imagination, the diversity of his generic experimentation throughout his long career, and his intimate engagement with the Greco-Roman literary tradition that precedes him; but what of his engagement with the philosophical tradition? Ovid's close familiarity with philosophical ideas and with specific philosophical texts has long been recognized, perhaps most prominently in the Pythagorean, Platonic, Empedoclean, and Lucretian shades that color his Metamorphoses. This philosophical component, however, has often been perceived as a feature subordinate to Ovid's larger literary agenda; and because of the controlling influence conceded to that literary impulse, readings of the philosophical dimension have often focused on the perceived distortion, ironizing, or parodying of philosophical sources and ideas. This book counters this tendency by (i) considering Ovid's seriousness of engagement with, and his possible critique of, the philosophical writings that inform his works; (ii) questioning the feasibility of separating out the categories of the "philosophical" and the "literary" in the first place; (iii) exploring the ways in which Ovid may offer unusual, controversial, or provocative reactions to received philosophical ideas; and (iv) investigating the case to be made for viewing the Ovidian corpus not just as a body of writings that are often philosophically inflected, but also as texts that may themselves be read as philosophically adventurous and experimental"--

Preparing to Die

Preparing to Die
Author: Andrew Holecek
Publsiher: Shambhala Publications
Total Pages: 433
Release: 2013-07-09
Genre: Self-Help
ISBN: 1559394080

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We all face death, but how many of us are actually ready for it? Whether our own death or that of a loved one comes first, how prepared are we, spiritually or practically? In Preparing to Die, Andrew Holecek presents a wide array of resources to help the reader address this unfinished business. Part One shows how to prepare one's mind and how to help others, before, during, and after death. The author explains how spiritual preparation for death can completely transform our relationship to the end of life, dissolving our fear and helping us to feel open and receptive to letting go in the dying process. Daily meditation practices, the stages of dying and how to work with them, and after-death experiences are all detailed in ways that will be particularly helpful for those with an interest in Tibetan Buddhism and in Tibetan approaches to conscious dying. Part Two addresses the practical issues that surround death. Experts in grief, hospice, the funeral business, and the medical and legal issues of death contribute chapters to prepare the reader for every practical concern, including advance directives, green funerals, the signs of death, warnings about the funeral industry, the stages of grief, and practical care for the dying. Part Three contains heart-advice from twenty of the best-known Tibetan Buddhist masters now teaching in the West. These brief interviews provide words of solace and wisdom to guide the dying and their caregivers during this challenging time. Preparing to Die is for anyone interested in learning how to prepare for death from a Buddhist perspective, both spiritually and practically. It is also for those who want to learn how to help someone else who is dying, both during the time of illness and death as well as after death.


Author: Allison B. Kaufman
Publsiher: MIT Press
Total Pages: 536
Release: 2018-02-02
Genre: Science
ISBN: 0262344823

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Case studies, personal accounts, and analysis show how to recognize and combat pseudoscience in a post-truth world. In a post-truth, fake news world, we are particularly susceptible to the claims of pseudoscience. When emotions and opinions are more widely disseminated than scientific findings, and self-proclaimed experts get their expertise from Google, how can the average person distinguish real science from fake? This book examines pseudoscience from a variety of perspectives, through case studies, analysis, and personal accounts that show how to recognize pseudoscience, why it is so widely accepted, and how to advocate for real science. Contributors examine the basics of pseudoscience, including issues of cognitive bias; the costs of pseudoscience, with accounts of naturopathy and logical fallacies in the anti-vaccination movement; perceptions of scientific soundness; the mainstream presence of “integrative medicine,” hypnosis, and parapsychology; and the use of case studies and new media in science advocacy. Contributors David Ball, Paul Joseph Barnett, Jeffrey Beall, Mark Benisz, Fernando Blanco, Ron Dumont, Stacy Ellenberg, Kevin M. Folta, Christopher French, Ashwin Gautam, Dennis M. Gorman, David H. Gorski, David K. Hecht, Britt Marie Hermes, Clyde F. Herreid, Jonathan Howard, Seth C. Kalichman, Leif Edward Ottesen Kennair, Arnold Kozak, Scott O. Lilienfeld, Emilio Lobato, Steven Lynn, Adam Marcus, Helena Matute, Ivan Oransky, Chad Orzel, Dorit Reiss, Ellen Beate Hansen Sandseter, Kavin Senapathy, Dean Keith Simonton, Indre Viskontas, John O. Willis, Corrine Zimmerman


Publsiher: Pharos Books Private Limited
Total Pages: 192
Release: 2021-06-17
Genre: Fiction
ISBN: 9391103847

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Sebaga, a blind girl tries to find herself in a world of darkness. Her path crosses with Thato and Kebonye, two friends who will get her in trouble but adore her.

Finding Joy Within

Finding Joy Within
Author: David Corby
Total Pages: 256
Release: 2008-08-21
Genre: Philosophy
ISBN: 1427095779

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FINDING JOY WITHIN shows us the steps to finding true joy again. It is about potential, the potential for all of us to live the life we most want to live, a life where we express our values in all that we do. The aim is to learn to let go of all the things that hold us back from expressing who we truly are in our lives. Joy is not happiness'. Joy is something deeper. It is closer to a state of peace than it is to happiness. FINDING JOY WITHIN will take us there.

Mary Rose

Mary Rose
Author: Reginald Tripp
Total Pages: 178
ISBN: 1447768914

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To Life

To Life
Author: Rachel Angel Sussman
Publsiher: Xlibris Corporation
Total Pages: 360
Release: 2015-12-18
Genre: Self-Help
ISBN: 1514430339

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To Life brings to paper the author’s thirty-year journey of inner and outer exploration. It aims to support the readers toward the way back home and to ultimately contribute to humanity and our planet. The author recognises that it is only by means of each individual coming home that personal lives can be enriched and bettered and that hope can be brought to today’s troubled world and humanity. To Life asks the essential questions about life, humanity, and individual existence—questions that must be asked if we are to live consciously, meaningfully, joyfully, and fully and be whole and at peace with ourselves, with each other, and with all life on this planet. To Life is not only inspirational but also practical. The nature of an inner journey with its potential joys and trials unveils as the author takes the readers by the hand, supports, encourages, and guides them toward taking the steps required to make their own discoveries and to realise who they are at essence as human beings and as the individuals they are. Indeed, they are shown the path back home. These steps include the unveiling of the human condition with its gifts and pitfalls, the discovery of one’s centre and learning how to stay with it, the unveiling of the mystery of life’s experiences, of one’s feelings and thoughts and learning how to be with them, and the realisation of the true power, freedom, and love within.

The Little Work

The Little Work
Author: Durgadas Allon Duriel
Publsiher: Llewellyn Worldwide
Total Pages: 336
Release: 2020-03-08
Genre: Body, Mind & Spirit
ISBN: 0738761613

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Unite Your Everyday & Magical Lives with the Power of Inner Alchemy Make your day-to-day life as fulfilling and rewarding as your magical practice by turning everything you do into an extension of that practice. Nothing is truly mundane in this world—but if you can't pay bills on time or weather difficult relationships, how can you achieve spiritual transformation? Packed with practical tools that help improve your willpower and focused intention, The Little Work teaches you how to build and sustain the magical life you desire. Durgadas Allon Duriel guides you through a journey of inner alchemy to develop your mind, body, emotional resilience, and personal power. Explore meditations, affirmations, and will-development exercises. Discover how to manage your energy, heal from painful experiences, and create a daily practice. This essential book encourages you to dance with rather than run from reality while transforming yourself into a healthier, happier, and more spiritual person.

Fear of the Dark

Fear of the Dark
Total Pages:
Release: 1998

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The Origins Prevention and Treatment of Infant Crying and Sleeping Problems

The Origins  Prevention and Treatment of Infant Crying and Sleeping Problems
Author: Ian St James-Roberts
Publsiher: Routledge
Total Pages: 285
Release: 2013-07-03
Genre: Psychology
ISBN: 1136453962

Download The Origins Prevention and Treatment of Infant Crying and Sleeping Problems Book in PDF, Epub and Kindle

Babies who cry a lot, or are unsettled in the night, are common sources of concern for parents and, consequently, costly problems for health services. In this book, Ian St James-Roberts summarises the evidence concerning infant crying and sleeping problems to provide a new evidence-based approach to these common challenges for parents and health services. The book begins by distinguishing between infant and parental parts of the problems and provides guidelines for assessing each issue. Topics covered include: • the pros and cons of 'infant-demand' versus 'limit-setting' forms of parenting • causes of infant 'colicky' crying and night waking • effects of night-time separations on infant attachments • interventions such as swaddling, herbal remedies, and 'controlled crying.' Since there is now firm evidence that parents' vulnerabilities and cultural backgrounds affect how problems are defined and guidance is acted upon, and that parents who wish to do so can reduce infant crying and unsettled night waking, social factors are considered alongside medical issues. Translating research evidence into practical tools and guidance, The Origins, Prevention and Treatment of Infant Crying and Sleeping Problems will be essential reading for a wide range of healthcare professionals including mental health staff, social workers, midwives, health visitors, community physicians and paediatricians.