Facing Our Darkness Manifestations of Fear Horror and Terror

Facing Our Darkness  Manifestations of Fear  Horror and Terror
Author: Laura Colmenero-Chilberg
Publsiher: BRILL
Total Pages: 216
Release: 2019-07-22
Genre: Social Science
ISBN: 184888429X

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Hardcore Horror Cinema in the 21st Century

Hardcore Horror Cinema in the 21st Century
Author: James Aston
Publsiher: McFarland
Total Pages: 240
Release: 2018-08-23
Genre: Performing Arts
ISBN: 1476633533

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The first of its kind, this study examines the exemplars of hardcore horror--Fred Vogel's August Underground trilogy, Shane Ryan's Amateur Porn Star Killer series and Lucifer Valentine's "vomit gore" films. The author begins with a definition and critical overview of this marginalized subgenre before exploring its key aesthetic convention, the pursuit of realist horror. Production practices, exhibition and marketing strategies are discussed in an in-depth interview with filmmaker Shane Ryan. Audience reception is covered with a focus on fan interaction via the Internet.

Bless You

Bless You
Author: John D. Garr
Publsiher: Golden Key Press
Total Pages: 176
Release: 2010-01-13
Genre: Religion
ISBN: 0967827973

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While the world in general and the church in particular have often been preoccupied with curses and bad news, God has forever focused on confirming his covenantal blessings and good news to the inhabitants of the earth. Even before all creation, he planned to give his only begotten Son, Jesus Christ, to ensure that his eternal commitment to bless all of humanity would be fully realized. Bless yYou! preesents these vivid images of a rich biblically Hebraic tradition: Covenant and Blessing, God's Personal Blessing, The Irrevocable Blessing, Applying God's Name, Releasing God to Bless, Family Blessings, Contending for Blessing, and God's Final Blessing. Restoring biblically Hebraic blessings will revolutionize your family life and will enrich youre personal experience with God.

The Dark Side of Game Play

The Dark Side of Game Play
Author: Torill Elvira Mortensen
Publsiher: Routledge
Total Pages: 272
Release: 2015-06-05
Genre: Social Science
ISBN: 1317574451

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Games allow players to experiment and play with subject positions, values and moral choice. In game worlds players can take on the role of antagonists; they allow us to play with behaviour that would be offensive, illegal or immoral if it happened outside of the game sphere. While contemporary games have always handled certain problematic topics, such as war, disasters, human decay, post-apocalyptic futures, cruelty and betrayal, lately even the most playful of genres are introducing situations in which players are presented with difficult ethical and moral dilemmas. This volume is an investigation of "dark play" in video games, or game play with controversial themes as well as controversial play behaviour. It covers such questions as: Why do some games stir up political controversies? How do games invite, or even push players towards dark play through their design? Where are the boundaries for what can be presented in a games? Are these boundaries different from other media such as film and books, and if so why? What is the allure of dark play and why do players engage in these practices?

The New Generation of Worshipers in the 21St Century

The New Generation of Worshipers in the 21St Century
Author: Pastor Stephen Kyeyune
Publsiher: Author House
Total Pages: 734
Release: 2010-05-28
Genre: Body, Mind & Spirit
ISBN: 1477277390

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This book is good for all classes of people, both lay men and clergy men. It covers the lifestyle of a believer, and the ordained way that God intended us to worship Him. This book is meant to revive the worship of this generation.

Gothic Vision

Gothic Vision
Author: Dani Cavallaro
Publsiher: Bloomsbury Publishing
Total Pages: 242
Release: 2002-08-01
Genre: Literary Criticism
ISBN: 1847141897

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The Gothic Vision examines a broad range of tales of horror, terror, the uncanny and the supernatural, spanning the late-eighteenth century to the present, and of related theoretical approaches to the realm of dark writing. It argues that such narratives are objects for historical analysis, due to their implication in specific ideologies, while also focusing on the recurrence over time of themes of physical and psychological disintegration, spectrality and monstrosity. This is an excellent overview of a genre that is increasingly studied in literature, film, and cultural studies courses.

The Bright Way

The Bright Way
Author: Diana Rowan
Publsiher: New World Library
Total Pages: 264
Release: 2020-03-02
Genre: Self-Help
ISBN: 1608686450

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Make Creativity a Joyous Way of Life! While creativity may seem like a leisure-time luxury, it is actually the engine of cultural advancement. All human innovations, from cave painting to the internet, have been fueled by someone’s ideas and follow-through. Our creative acts require more than just ideas; they also require ingenuity and perseverance, confidence and courage, the ability to dream and to do. The Bright Way helps you cultivate all of these. A simple yet profound program of inspiration plus action, designed for a lifetime of use, the Bright Way System empowers you to access motivation and make progress, find joy in building your skills, and courageously share your work with the world.

The Thomas Book

The Thomas Book
Author: Bruce Fraser MacDonald
Publsiher: Strategic Book Publishing
Total Pages: 326
Release: 2010-08-24
Genre: History
ISBN: 1609767624

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Part One: After an industrial accident and a profound Near Death Experience in 1966, in which he went through the whole process of dying and where he spoke to Jesus (Yeshua), Dr. MacDonald was given the choice to stay “on the other side” or return to a broken body. He returned to life with the conviction that there was something wrong with the Gospels in the Bible and that he had returned to life to discover what the problem was. He discontinued his theological studies and started on a spiritual quest which took him from Canada to England and around the world, where he did research in Commonwealth Literature and the history of religion. He received his PhD from the University of Leeds in England and completed a successful career as a university professor in Canada. In the 1980’s he discovered a new gospel through the process of what the Tibetan Buddhists call a “terma,” a text hidden in consciousness for many lifetimes till the time came for it to be written in the present. Part One explores the process of discovering the gospel and the implications of the discovery. Kevin Ryerson, one of the chief trance channels in the United States’ confirmed that MacDonald was the reincarnation of Judas Thomas, and that is why he was drawn to tell his story.Part Two:The second part of the book is a gospel, told from the point of view of the Judas Thomas, who is considered in several early Christian writings to be the twin brother of Jesus. This section follows the canonical gospels fairly closely and includes many new teachings by Jesus (Yeshua) as well as an account of the relationship between Judas Thomas and his twin brother which sheds new light on the mission and teachings of Jesus. Many people have found this part of the book has moved them deeply and the Rev. George Parker (retired Anglican priest) reflects the reaction of many members of the clergy and laity when he says, after reading “The Thomas Book,” “the Gospels make sense for the first time in my life.” A number of people have found the teachings and the new account of the actions of Jesus and his disciples so important that they have bought multiple copies of the book for family and friends.

The Making of a Saint

The Making of a Saint
Author: Kenneth Bragan
Publsiher: Strategic Book Publishing
Total Pages: 157
Release: 2011
Genre: Literary Criticism
ISBN: 1609763106

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How could a man who had an emotionally deprived and traumatic childhood find the strength later in life to enter a monastery and become a spiritual master? The Making of a Saint is the true story of the American priest and Catholic writer Thomas Merton, who lived from 1915 to 1968. He wrote more than 70 books on spirituality, pacifism and social justice, and his words influenced a generation of men to enter monasteries. By late adolescence, Merton felt completely alienated and was in a state of spiritual abjection, yet he found the path to become a spiritual master. A Psychological Study of the Life of Thomas Merton gives a psychoanalytic explanation for the early gain in strength he found, but more than psychology is required to understand Merton's subsequent spiritual growth. His journals display the healing power of Christ, as well as the healing power of writing. Author Kenneth Bragan asserts that it was an arduous process for Merton, but "I suggest it was only finally completed when he became engaged in a passionate love affair. Only then could his heart be opened to the lost mother of his childhood, and only after that happened could he go out into the world and complete his mission." Merton was monk, a mystic and a poet, but above all else, he was a great writer and a great man. About the Author: Kenneth Bragan grew up in a small coal mining town near Newcastle in the north of England, and now resides in the Lakes District of the south island of New Zealand. He worked as a psychiatrist and developed a particular interest in the healing power of writing. Publisher's website: http: //SBPRA.com/KennethBragan

Journey into Darkness Miyamaru s Horrorland of Fear

Journey into Darkness  Miyamaru s Horrorland of Fear
Author: Kazuya Ogaki
Publsiher: Kazuya Ogaki
Total Pages: 40
Release: 2023-03-17
Genre: Fiction

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The story follows Maya, a young woman who visits Miyamaru's Horrorland of Fear, a mysterious and ominous amusement park located in the town of Miyamaru, Japan. After experiencing the park's terrifying attractions, Maya discovers that the town is haunted by vengeful spirits who hunger for the souls of the living. Despite her attempts to escape, she becomes trapped in the town and ultimately disappears, becoming one of the many victims of the spirits. The story ends with the suggestion that the town's legacy of terror continues to draw in new visitors, despite the danger.

Signs of a Life

Signs of  a  Life
Author: Liam Samolis
Publsiher: FriesenPress
Total Pages: 520
Release: 2015-07-09
Genre: Biography & Autobiography
ISBN: 1460262867

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Much like his beloved – and somewhat decrepit – cars, Liam Samolis (NOT his real name; that was changed in order to protect his wife and children from ridicule on the off chance some of their friends will read his work) is hurtling towards 50 with the brakes failing. The painful loss of his father leads Liam to look back at his life as he contemplates the legacy he is leaving his own children; resulting in a hilarious, often self-deprecating, and ALWAYS brutally, side-splittingly, honest glimpse at the path that has led him to become the man that he is. With stories about growing up as a painfully shy child in England, going to an all-boys’ school, and what can only be described as the most uproariously hysterical bar scene EVER written, Liam also recounts his days as a police officer, the births of his children, and saying goodbye to his father. What began as a legacy to his children will send readers into peals of raucous laughter, likely leading them to tears and other unexpected bodily functions. If you read one book this year, Signs of (a) Life should be it – nowhere else will you be so moved by a man simply living. www.liamsamolis.com

The Spectator

The Spectator
Total Pages:
Release: 1864

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Until You Can Scream No More

Until You Can Scream No More
Author: David Bain
Total Pages: 728
Release: 2013-10-29
ISBN: 9781493618033

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Who screamed? Was it you? We live our lives in a waking sleep, screaming only once we're startled awake to the full, terrifying, supernatural scope of reality. That shadow whispered back to life by the autumn wind soughing through leafless limbs of the Halloween tree scratching outside your window... the sibilant, perhaps growling sound rumbling deep in the bushes, warning you away... the thing you've feared waiting for you in the dark of your bedroom since deepest childhood... These bring merely shudders... Screams, our one expression of true wakefullness, are only elicited when that which has spent lifetimes shrouded in shadow steps fully out into the white spectral light of the full moon... Who screamed? Was it you? Do you dare to wake? Do you dare face your fears by the phantasmagoric silver of that nocturnal sliver floating high over a darkened world? Do you dare wake...? And, waking, scream? Do you dare to take on fear after fear, horror after horror, terror after terror? Do you dare visit every last buried phobia? Do you dare scream ... UNTIL YOU CAN SCREAM NO MORE? UNTIL YOU CAN SCREAM NO MORE is a massive omnibus ebook with more than 50 full-length horror, crime, fantasy and science fiction stories, packing the complete editions of author David Bain's three previous collections - NIGHT WRITING, DARKER CORRIDORS and SHADOWS, WHISPERS, SHIVERS - into one huge volume. For one low price you get more than 500 pages of thrilling tales, more than 170,000 words of fiction! TABLE OF CONTENTS 1. NIGHT WRITING: TALES TO FILL THE DARKNESS A Pleasure to Burn Vigil Those Who Can, Help A Deeper Level The Preggers The Little Guy Turning Silver into Platinum Fifteen Minutes About the Stars, About the Rain All Over Your Face Shadows and Ice That Enveloping Darkness The Night We Killed Howie's Uncle The Night Darwin Corso Left Green River Being Buried Gifts 2. SHADOWS, WHISPERS, SHIVERS Black Cab Focus Something Clean, Something Pure How to Make Love Last Beyond the Grave House Cleaning: A Messy Ghost Story Dark Blue Shadows: A Children's Campfire Ghost Story The Cowboys of Cthulhu (or The Bandits from Beyond) Faith: A 9-11 Ghost Story Howling The Wolpertinger: A Bavarian Ghost Story A Letter to the Ghost Hunter Eulogy Shin's Silent Quest Little Helper Brujas Behind Bars Bookworms The Dreaming Gods Tom and Huck's Trade War Wounds: A Civil War Ghost Story 3. DARKER CORRIDORS: TALES THAT TWIST & TURN & TRAP Ghosts on the Way to Gray Lake The Trunk: A Killer Ghost Story Morbo The Clown Comes to Town The Mold of Memory The Demon Wind Companion Walking Woes The Streetlight Filled with Flowers Graven Images Finding Tim The Pit of Cormair Bearing Bad News Hellcat Prom Night Phone Sex on the Nightside Under an Invisible Shadow Cauldron Car The Story of O and the Dragon Bonus Story: Island Ghosts: A Will Castleton Adventure David Bain is also the author of GRAY LAKE: A NOVEL OF CRIME AND SUPERNATURAL HORROR and DEATH SIGHT: A WILL CASTLETON NOVEL as well as several short story collections. He is the co-author, with C. Dennis Moore (author of the #1 Amazon Horror bestseller THE THIRD FLOOR) of the short rock n' roll horror novel BAND OF GYPSIES, the forthcoming RETURN TO ANGEL HILL and the collection TERROR IS OUR TRADE. He teaches writing at a community college in Indiana and is the author of the small book TEN SHORT ESSAYS ON WRITING.

Obsessive Images

Obsessive Images
Author: Joseph Warren Beach
Publsiher: U of Minnesota Press
Total Pages: 418
Release: 1960
Genre: Literary Criticism
ISBN: 081665705X

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Obsessive Images was first published in 1960. Minnesota Archive Editions uses digital technology to make long-unavailable books once again accessible, and are published unaltered from the original University of Minnesota Press editions. As Mark Schorer comments, this is "the last, unfinished work of a distinguished, well loved critic, poet, and professor." After the death of Joseph Warren Beach, his colleague and friend William Van O'Connor, professor of English at the University of Minnesota, prepared the unfinished manuscript of this work for publication and wrote the foreword. The work is primarily a study of certain words, phrases, and images that turn up with unusual frequency in modern American poetry, especially that of the decades of the 1930's and 1940's, and which are used in unusual senses, to carry special symbolisms, or to imply peculiar philosophical attitudes. Since the study is concerned with such recurring images and themes, many poets of distinction, in whose work they are not to be found, are left out, but Professor Beach also discusses the significance of the absence of these poets. Students and critics will gain insight through this work into the characteristic attitudes of a generation of poets. The book is, moreover, a delight to read, reflecting, as it does, Mr. Beach's own love for the study of poetry. As Professor O'Connor points out, the tone is much more personal than that of Mr. Beach's other books.

Merriam Webster s Dictionary of Synonyms

Merriam Webster s Dictionary of Synonyms
Author: Merriam-Webster, Inc
Publsiher: Merriam-Webster
Total Pages: 950
Release: 1984
Genre: English language
ISBN: 9780877793410

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The ideal guide to choosing the right word. Entries go beyond the word lists of a thesaurus, explaining important differences between synonyms. Provides over 17,000 usage examples. Lists antonyms and related words.


Author: Kelly Ann Compton
Publsiher: Trafford Publishing
Total Pages: 190
Release: 2007
ISBN: 1412082013

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Hallucinations. Voices that weren't mine. Dark caverns governing my emotions. Life with mental illness was desperate, yet hopeful. Discombobulated invites you to enter my world. Travel the journey with me.

Proceedings American Philosophical Society vol 127 No 5 1983

Proceedings  American Philosophical Society  vol  127  No  5  1983
Publsiher: American Philosophical Society
Total Pages: 80
ISBN: 9781422370605

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