Dreaming Suburbia

Dreaming Suburbia
Author: Amy Maria Kenyon
Publsiher: Wayne State University Press
Total Pages: 228
Release: 2004
Genre: City and town life
ISBN: 9780814332283

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A multifaceted cultural study of suburbanization in the United States, and Detroit in particular, during the postwar suburban boom.

American Dreams Suburban Nightmares Suburbia as a Narrative Space between Utopia and Dystopia in Contemporary American Cinema

American Dreams  Suburban Nightmares  Suburbia as a Narrative Space between Utopia and Dystopia in Contemporary American Cinema
Author: Melanie Smicek
Publsiher: Anchor Academic Publishing (aap_verlag)
Total Pages: 72
Release: 2014-10
Genre: Language Arts & Disciplines
ISBN: 3954893215

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The suburban landscape is inseparable from American culture. Suburbia does not only relate to the geographical concept, but also describes a cultural space incorporating people’s hopes for a safe and prosperous life. Suburbia marks a dynamic ideological space constantly influenced and recreated by both the events of everyday life and artistic discourse. Fictional texts do not merely represent suburbia, but also have a decisive role in the shaping of suburban spaces. The widely held idealized image of suburbia evolved in the 1950s. Today, reality deviates from the concept of suburbs projected back then, due to e.g. high divorce rates and an increase of crime. Nevertheless, the nostalgic view of the suburbs as the “Promised Land" has survived. Postwar critics object to this perception, considering the suburbs rather as depressing landscapes of mass-consumption, conformity and alienation. This book exemplifies the dualistic representation of suburbs in contemporary American cinema by analyzing Pleasantville, The Truman Show and American Beauty. It examines how utopian concepts of suburbia are created culturally and psychologically in the films, and how the underlying anxieties of the suburban experience, visualized by the dystopian narratives, challenge this ideal.

The Dreaming Suburb

The Dreaming Suburb
Author: R. F. Delderfield
Publsiher: Hachette UK
Total Pages: 480
Release: 2011-11-24
Genre: Fiction
ISBN: 144473251X

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Jim Carver: a tough, resolute war veteran, he returns from the trenches to build a better life for his family to find his wife dead. Archie Carver: Jim's eldest son, smart, ruthless, he has a quick eye for financial profits and beautiful women. Elaine Frith: beautiful and ambitious, she uses her charms to snare any man she thinks will bring her wealth. The First World War ends and the soldiers return to the peaceful Avenue. On the surface their homes look just the same, but behind the carefully tended front gardens everything has changed, and their families' lives in the next twenty years will be as turbulent as any they have known.

Expanding Suburbia

Expanding Suburbia
Author: Roger Webster
Publsiher: Berghahn Books
Total Pages: 208
Release: 2001-02-01
Genre: Social Science
ISBN: 1800735146

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During the last few decades suburbia has grown enormously and become a phenomenon attracting the attention of scholars as well as practitioners by whom it is seen as an increasingly significant and complex area of modern life. The essays in this volume consider a range of representations of suburban life from the late nineteenth century to the present day, including fiction, film, and popular music, drawn from America and Australia as well as Britain. They explore and challenge traditional views of suburbia so that, rather than a location of conformity and stereotypicality, it can be viewed as a site of social conflict, division, and ambiguity as well as a source of significant creativity across a range of cultural texts. The volume takes a thematic approach, considering the rise of suburbia, imagined and real suburbias, alternative suburbias: all of the essays have a strong historical dimension and the overall approach is characterized by interdisciplinarity.

Making Sense of Suburbia Through Popular Culture

Making Sense of Suburbia Through Popular Culture
Author: Rupa Huq
Publsiher: A&C Black
Total Pages: 241
Release: 2013-08-15
Genre: Social Science
ISBN: 1780932243

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This book explores how notions of suburbia have developed in our collective imagination, examining novels, cinema, popular music and television in the US and UK.

Visions of Suburbia

Visions of Suburbia
Author: Roger Silverstone
Publsiher: Routledge
Total Pages: 328
Release: 2012-11-12
Genre: Art
ISBN: 1135094551

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Suburbia. Tupperware, television, bungalows and respectable front lawns. Always instantly recognisable though never entirely familiar. The tight semi-detached estates of thirties Britain and the infenced and functional tract housing of middle America. The elegant villas of Victorian London and the clapboard and brick of fifties Sydney. Architecture and landscapes may vary from one suburban scene to another, but the suburb is the embodiment of the same desire; to create for middle class middle cultures, middle spaces in middle America, Britain and Australia. Visions of Suburbia considers this emergent architectural space, this set of values and this way of life. The contributors address suburbia and the suburban from the point of view of its production, its consumption and its representation. Placing suburbia centre stage, each essay examines what it is that makes suburbia so distinctive and what it is that has made suburbia so central to contemporary culture. _

Suburbia as a Narrative Space between Utopia and Dystopia in Contemporary American Cinema

Suburbia as a Narrative Space between Utopia and Dystopia in Contemporary American Cinema
Author: Melanie Smicek
Publsiher: GRIN Verlag
Total Pages: 74
Release: 2014-06-13
Genre: Literary Collections
ISBN: 3656671389

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Examination Thesis from the year 2012 in the subject English Language and Literature Studies - Other, grade: 1,0, University of Cologne, language: English, abstract: [Suburbia] has become the quintessential physical achievement of the United States; it is perhaps more representative of its culture than big cars, tall buildings, or professional football. Suburbia symbolizes the fullest, most unadulterated embodiment of contemporary culture. As Kenneth Jackson notes in his price-winning chronicle Crabgrass Frontier, the suburban landscape has become inseparable from American culture within the last two centuries. Nowadays living in the suburbs is the norm for most Americans, as since the 1990s, more than two third of the population lives in suburban districts. The term suburbia does not only relate to the geographical concept that differentiates these dwellings from urban or rural areas, but also describes a cultural, ideological space incorporating Americans’ hopes for an economically safe and prosperous family life. Closely tied to the history and culture of the USA, suburbia marks a dynamic ideological space that is constantly influenced and recreated by both the events of everyday life and artistic discourse. Thus, the depiction of suburban life functions as a central narrative element in numerous works of American literature, art and film. In this context, fictional texts do not merely represent suburbia, but also have a decisive role in the shaping of suburban spaces. The treatment of suburbia as a cultural space in American movies is of special interest, as their commercial success and popularity make films important cultural texts. As Spigel notes, “television and new media redirect our experience of private and public spheres” and therefore highly influence our perceptions of the spaces we inhabit. Regarding suburban landscapes, this aspect is particularly interesting because the inexorable rise of the television practically coincided with the postwar suburbanization of the US and had a significant effect on life in general and on the suburban ideal in particular. As a consequence, the TV-set was inseparable from the model of the suburban single-home in the 1950s. Thus, already in the fifties, when the idealized image of suburbia evolved, television had a decisive impact on the creation of suburbia as a cultural space. In this context, it must be questioned whether the depictions of suburbia are simulations of the real spaces, or if it is in fact the other way around, so that suburbia as a cultural concept is a mere simulation of the fictional spaces depicted on screen and thus a copy without an original.

Race and the Suburbs in American Film

Race and the Suburbs in American Film
Author: Merrill Schleier
Publsiher: State University of New York Press
Total Pages: 334
Release: 2021-07-01
Genre: Performing Arts
ISBN: 1438484488

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Explores how suburban space and the body are racialized in American film. This book is the first anthology to explore the connection between race and the suburbs in American cinema from the end of World War II to the present. It builds upon the explosion of interest in the suburbs in film, television, and fiction in the last fifteen years, concentrating exclusively on the relationship of race to the built environment. Suburb films began as a cycle in response to both America's changing urban geography and the re-segregation of its domestic spaces in the postwar era, which excluded African Americans, Asian Americans, and Latinx from the suburbs while buttressing whiteness. By defying traditional categories and chronologies in cinema studies, the contributors explore the myriad ways suburban spaces and racialized bodies in film mediate each other. Race and the Suburbs in American Film is a stimulating resource for considering the manner in which race is foundational to architecture and urban geography, which is reflected, promoted, and challenged in cinematic representations. Merrill Schleier is Professor Emeritus of Art and Architectural History and Film Studies at the University of the Pacific. They are the author of Skyscraper Cinema: Architecture and Gender in American Film.

Cities and Suburbs

Cities and Suburbs
Author: Bernadette Hanlon
Publsiher: Routledge
Total Pages: 304
Release: 2009-12-04
Genre: Science
ISBN: 1134004095

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This book is a systematic examination of the historical and current roles that cities and suburbs play in US metropolitan areas. It explores the history of cities and suburbs, their changing dynamics with each other, their growing diversity, the environmental consequences of their development and finally the extent and nature of their decline and renewal. Cities and Suburbs: New Metropolitan Realities in the US offers a comprehensive examination of demographic and socioeconomic processes of US suburbanization by providing a succinct guide to understanding the dynamic relationship between metropolitan structure and processes of social change. A variety of case studies are used in the chapters to explore suburban successes and failures and the discourse concludes with reflections on metropolitan policy and planning for the twenty-first century. The topics of discussion include: Key ideas and concepts on the demographic and sociospatial aspects of metropolitan change The changing nature of city and suburban population migration and their relationships with changes at the local, metropolitan, national, and global levels Current metropolitan public policy issues of large cities and suburbs Links of suburbanization to metropolitan transformation and the growing dichotomy between suburban decline and suburban sprawl in metropolitan areas. Cities and Suburbs relies on theorized case studies, demographic analysis, maps, and photos from North America. Written in a clear and accessible style, the book addresses various fundamental questions about the socioeconomic role that suburbs and cities play in shaping metropolitan areas, their environmental impact, the political consequences, and the resulting policy debates. This is essential reading for scholars and students of Geography, Economics, Politics, Sociology, Urban Studies and Urban Planning.

Invincible Green Suburbs Brave New Towns

Invincible Green Suburbs  Brave New Towns
Author: Mark Clapson
Publsiher: Manchester University Press
Total Pages: 268
Release: 1998
Genre: New towns
ISBN: 9780719041358

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Explores the phenomenon of the mass movement of people away from town and city centres to live in new estates and towns built since World War II. Using sociology, town-planning materials, oral history and other sources, this book examines the making of modern suburbia.

Architecture and Suburbia

Architecture and Suburbia
Author: John Archer
Publsiher: U of Minnesota Press
Total Pages: 512
Release: 2005
Genre: Architecture
ISBN: 9780816643035

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Traces the evolution of the modern American dream house from seventeenth-century England to the present.

Reading London s Suburbs

Reading London s Suburbs
Author: G. Pope
Publsiher: Springer
Total Pages: 239
Release: 2015-03-29
Genre: Literary Criticism
ISBN: 1137342463

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A study of London suburban-set writing, exploring the links between place and fiction. This book charts a picture of evolving themes and concerns around the legibility and meaning of habitat and home for the individual, and the serious challenges that suburbia sets for literature.

Labour in the Suburbs

Labour in the Suburbs
Author: Michael Tichelar
Publsiher: Taylor & Francis
Total Pages: 325
Release: 2023-05-04
Genre: History
ISBN: 1000874524

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This book is the first comprehensive economic, social and political study of the London suburb of Croydon from 1900 up to the present day. One of the largest London boroughs, Croydon, has always been a mixed residential suburb, (mainly private but with some municipal housing) which has strongly influenced the nature of its political representation. It was never just an affluent middle-class suburb or ‘bourgeoise utopia,’ as suggested by traditional definitions of suburbia and in popular imagination. In economic terms it was also an industrial suburb after 1918. It was then transformed into a vibrant post-industrial service economy following rapid deindustrialization and remarkable commercial and office redevelopment after 1960. In this respect Croydon is also an ex-industrial suburb, similar to many other outer London areas and other peripheral metropolitan areas. Croydon’s civic identity as a previously independent town on the outskirts of London remains unresolved to this day even as its political representatives seek to redefine the borough as a more independent ‘Edge City.’ Author Michael Tichelar examines this suburb by looking at the suburban development of London, the changing politics of Croydon and policy issues during the twentieth century. Labour in the Suburbs will be of interest to the general reader as well as students of modern British history with special interests in electoral sociology, political representation and suburbanisation. It provides a template against which to measure the process of suburbanisation in the UK and internationally.

The Chinese Dream

The Chinese Dream
Author: Neville Mars
Publsiher: 010 Publishers
Total Pages: 396
Release: 2008
Genre: Architecture
ISBN: 9064506523

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"China is in the midst of breakneck transformation. The last 30 years of astonishing economic growth and political and cultural reform are driven by the urbanization processes which are remaking the world today. But the new China is now halfway built: within the next 30 years the world?s most populous nation will most likely take center-stage as global superpower, with hundreds of millions of new urbanites flooding into rapidly swelling cities. But this urban boom? presenting no less than the construction of a new society? is taking place almost without time to think. The present is so all-consuming that fast realities threaten to eclipse the slow dream of tomorrow. Taking as its starting point the goal announced in China in 2001 to build 400 new cities of 1 million inhabitants each by 2020, or 20 new cities a year for 20 years, the book explores the hopes and hazards of dreaming on such a scale. The question being asked is in fact no less than how to build a new utopia. But is China mortgaging its present for a promised future, and doing so at the same time that current speeds of construction eclipse any real forward planning? The Chinese Dream is a visual tour de force, both encyclopedic in scope and holistic in approach. Cutting across all levels of scale? from individual to nation? and backed by a truly multi-disciplinary team (encompassing architecture & urban planning, politics, economics, arts & culture, environmental concerns, and sociology) the book synthesizes a vast body of research to tackle the big questions of today, and to unpack the paradoxes at the heart of China?s struggle for change."--Publisher's website

New Suburban Stories

New Suburban Stories
Author: Martin Dines
Publsiher: A&C Black
Total Pages: 256
Release: 2013-09-12
Genre: Literary Criticism
ISBN: 1472510321

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Exploringfiction, film and art from across the USA, South America, Asia, Europe and Australia, New Suburban Stories brings together new research from leadinginternational scholars to examine cultural representations of the suburbs, hometo a rapidly increasing proportion of the world's population. Focussing inparticular on works that challenge conventional attitudes to suburbia, the bookconsiders how suburban communities have taken control of their ownrepresentationto tell their own storiesin contemporary novels, poetry, autobiography, cinema, social media and publicart tell the story of how suburban.

Carnival in Suburbia

Carnival in Suburbia
Author: John Gregory
Total Pages: 232
Release: 2006-11
Genre: Art

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Carnival in Suburbia provides a thorough understanding of the work of one of Australia's best-known modern artists, Howard Arkley.

Rethinking Suburbia

Rethinking Suburbia
Author: Isabelle Lucienne Duvivier
Total Pages: 144
Release: 1992

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