Dogs Are Daft

Dogs Are Daft
Author: Dave MacLean
Publsiher: Pegasus Elliot MacKenzie Publishers
Total Pages: 212
Release: 2010-11-01
Genre: Cats
ISBN: 9781907552007

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Daft Dog

Daft Dog
Author: Colin Hawkins
Total Pages: 24
Release: 2000
Genre: Children's stories
ISBN: 9780006646181

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The Dog Owner s Book Of Poop And Pee

The Dog Owner s Book Of Poop And Pee
Author: Mike Deathe
Publsiher: Dogwise Publishing
Total Pages: 66
Release: 2016-05-24
Genre: Pets
ISBN: 1619333732

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Is Fido peeing and pooping in all the wrong spots? Are you pulling your hair out? Well, Keep it Simple Stupid Dog Training's Dog Owner's Book of Poop and Pee will teach you how to get Fido to "GO" in the right place, at the right time and even improve the way the two of you communicate.

I don't promise fast results — there is no magic bullet or Jedi mind tricks to fix the potty training issue! Instead, I teach you how to speak Dog as a Second Language (DASL) to tell Fido what behaviors you want and when you want them!

Mike Deathe, CPDT-KA, is a dog trainer who for years has seen the communication problems dogs and their owners encounter! In the end, the animal with all the "grey matter" and the opposable thumbs is still trying to force Fido to speak English! Welcome to Keep it Simple Stupid Dog Training, where finally you (the smart one) will finally understand that dogs don't speak English and it is your job to learn DASL (Dog as a Second Language)! Once fluent, I promise you and Fido will be communicating better than ever!

Sayings Usual and Unusual

Sayings Usual and Unusual
Publsiher: Wordsworth Editions
Total Pages: 308
Release: 2007-05
Genre: Aphorisms and apothegms
ISBN: 9781840222807

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It s a long road that has no turning... Empty vessels make the most noise... such sayings are an essential part of our communication equipment; of our everyday speech. This collection presents sayings both so usual that we use them without thinking, and so unusual that they bring us up short when we hear them. But, as the introductory essay discusses, even the most obscure saying is immediately recognisable for what it is, and its meaning and use are instantly clear. This Wordsworth collection acts both as a classified list of sayings, and as a source of bon mots for brightening up one's conversational skills, and will provide a welcome and amusing companion for your other reference books.

The Critter and Other Dogs

The Critter and Other Dogs
Author: Albert Payson Terhune
Publsiher: DigiCat
Total Pages: 265
Release: 2022-08-16
Genre: Fiction

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DigiCat Publishing presents to you this special edition of "The Critter and Other Dogs" by Albert Payson Terhune. DigiCat Publishing considers every written word to be a legacy of humankind. Every DigiCat book has been carefully reproduced for republishing in a new modern format. The books are available in print, as well as ebooks. DigiCat hopes you will treat this work with the acknowledgment and passion it deserves as a classic of world literature.

Martha Jack Shanco

Martha  Jack   Shanco
Author: Carly Lewis
Publsiher: Parthian Books
Total Pages: 120
Release: 2020-04-20
Genre: Fiction
ISBN: 1912681781

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A tight, close-up little drama with rural characters, including slow Sianco who keeps his terrier under his jumper at all times . Their farmhouse is Graig-ddu ( Black Rock ); The orchard came right up behind the house, making it dark and damp; the wallpaper s original light blue a distant memory, since by now it was blackened by smoke. , no rural idyll but Lewis eye for detail gives us pleasure amidst the squalor and unpleasantness (as those who romanticise rural existence might see it). Her eye is an eye for humour too; As she put the teapot on the table, Jack pulled off his hat and gave it to the pot to wear while it brewed the tea . Staccato chapters envision the repetitive uncomfortable moments of these isolated farming siblings life, frying bacon and potatoes, slaughtering turkeys or training sheepdogs. But there is a drama unfolding here about marriage and property as in the best Jane Austen. One commentator (Diarmuid Johnson) sees the story of the three siblings in their hillside farm as a metaphor for the whole Welsh-speaking rural life under threat from both socio-economic change and cultural and linguistic encroachment from English-speakers. If this is the case then the tragedy it outlines is of a population marginalised by the very isolation (and poverty) that has enabled it to preserve the Welsh language. Visiting the churchyard to lay a Christmas wreath on Mami s grave, Martha the daughter of the family notes There were never any flowers except her flowers on the graves: the three of them were the only family left. And of the three, poor old Shanco is slow-witted and dependent, Jack is a miser, lured by the pragmatic glamour of the English-speaking midlander Judy who would transform Graig-ddu into an acculturated dude ranch. Martha is the only one as tradition or rather memory-bearer of her clan in a position to combat elder brother Jac s nihilistic vision: There s nothing here, Martha. It s all finished. We re all finished. The story of this long slow retreat of an old way on the Welsh hills is expressed in the poignancy of Martha s patrilocal dilemma: if she marries her patient admirer Gwynfor she must move from the old farmstead, leave it to Jack and Judy and Judy s wasteful horses and crass petty-bourgeois Anglo ways. Lewis masterfully builds up a sense of foreboding in this tight family scenario, of irreconcilable, deep-seated long-lived conflict. We only sense that something must happen, that some spark will detonate the gunpowder. Less obviously there are mysterious elements in the narrative huge threatening crows for one that provide an essential depth, the space for the unresolved and unknown that real writing needs. Inter alia there is plenty about animals here too, including an amusing account of a sheepdog s intense jealousy and protectiveness for his master; Glen would also walk between Jack and Gwen.... When they started going out, Glen would bark at her and refuse to settle until she was on her way. After six months or so the dog would let them hold hands but he would walk between them under their clasped hands. He would also sit between them on the settle. All in all a graphic and beautifully-described portrayal of farm life and place, a real confrontation with a particular kind of existence.

Beautiful Old Dogs

Beautiful Old Dogs
Author: David Tabatsky
Publsiher: St. Martin's Press
Total Pages: 144
Release: 2013-11-05
Genre: Pets
ISBN: 1250036453

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A charming, delightfully photographed tribute to the older dog, with essays and poetry. Gandhi once said, "The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way that its animals are treated." How people regard older animals is especially revealing. Beautiful Old Dogs is a heartfelt, emotional, passionate tribute to old dogs. It will inspire many readers to get involved in senior dog rescue and adoption, as it honors our senior best friends and explores their current state of care and custody in an informative appendix. This book features the exquisite photography of the late Garry Gross, a noted fashion photographer during the 60s, 70s and 80s who, after becoming a highly successful dog trainer in New York City, turned his camera lens towards dogs. Gross, along with Victoria Stilwell from Animal Planet's It's Me or the Dog, founded Dog Trainers of New York in 2002, and became devoted to highlighting the plight and value of senior dogs. "The older the better," Gross said. "Dogs with soul in their eyes."David Tabatsky has collected Gross's photographs here, and carefully curated an accompanying selection of moving, insightful, funny, and uplifting essays and short pieces by a range of writers, with contributions from Anna Quindlen, Ally Sheedy, Christopher Durang, Doris Day, Dean Koontz, Marlo Thomas, and many more.

The Perfect Dog

The Perfect Dog
Author: Dr Roger Mugford
Publsiher: Hachette UK
Total Pages: 192
Release: 2017-05-25
Genre: Pets
ISBN: 0600627810

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A revolutionary new approach to dog care from the UK's most respected dog behaviourist.

The Dog Lover s Digest

The Dog Lover s Digest
Author: Vicky Barkes
Publsiher: Summersdale Publishers LTD - ROW
Total Pages: 160
Release: 2013-07-01
Genre: Pets
ISBN: 085765960X

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Dogs can be boisterous, obedient, loyal and downright lazy! This book, which brings together stories, tips, trivia, quotations and poetry celebrating all the fascinating features of the dog, is for anyone whose tail starts wagging at the thought of relaxing with a good read and a warm, cuddly canine at their feet.

A Dictionary of American Proverbs

A Dictionary of American Proverbs
Author: Wolfgang Mieder
Publsiher: New York : Oxford University Press
Total Pages: 1348
Release: 1992
Genre: Reference
ISBN: 0195053990

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Americans have a gift for coining proverbs. "A picture is worth a thousand words" was not, as you might imagine, the product of ancient Chinese wisdom -- it was actually minted by advertising executive Fred Barnard in a 1921 advertisement for Printer's Ink magazine. After all, Americans are first and foremost a practical people and proverbs can be loosely defined as pithy statements that are generally accepted as true and useful. The next logical step would be to gather all of this wisdom together for a truly American celebration of shrewd advice.A Dictionary of American Proverbs is the first major collection of proverbs in the English language based on oral sources rather than written ones. Listed alphabetically according to their most significant key word, it features over 15,000 entries including uniquely American proverbs that have never before been recorded, as well as thousands of traditional proverbs that have found their way into American speech from classical, biblical, British, continental European, and American literature. Based on the fieldwork conducted over thirty years by the American Dialect Society, this volume is complete with historical references to the earliest written sources, and supplies variants and recorded geographical distribution after each proverb.Many surprised await the reader in this vast treasure trove of wit and wisdom. Collected here are nuggets of popular wisdom on all aspects of American life: weather, agriculture, travel, money, business, food, neighbors, friends, manners, government, politics, law, health, education, religion, music, song, and dance. And, to further enhance browsing pleasure, the editors have provided a detailed guide to the use of the work. While it's true that many of our best known proverbs have been supplied by the ever-present "Anonymous," many more can be attributed to some very famous Americans, like Ernest Hemingway, Abraham Lincoln, Benjamin Franklin, Mark Twain, J. Pierpont Morgan, Thomas Alva Edison, Abigail Adams, and Ralph Waldo Emerson, to name but a few offered in this fascinating collection.Who wouldn't want to know the origin of "the opera ain't over till the fat lady sings?" This uniquely American proverb and many more are gathered together in A Dictionary of American Proverbs. A great resource for students and scholars of literature, psychology, folklore, linguistics, anthropology, and cultural history, this endlessly intriguing volume is also a delightful companion for anyone with an interest in American culture.


Author: Vicky Edwards
Publsiher: Summersdale Publishers LTD - ROW
Total Pages: 97
Release: 2015-07-09
Genre: Pets
ISBN: 1783726024

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This pocket-sized miscellany – packed with doggy facts, stories of the world’s most impressive canine feats and famous mutts from literature, history and art, and tips on looking after your pooch – is perfect for anyone who values the trusty companionship of their favourite hound.

Let s Have a Dog Party

Let s Have a Dog Party
Author: Ingrid E Newkirk
Publsiher: Simon and Schuster
Total Pages: 137
Release: 2007-09-01
Genre: Pets
ISBN: 1440516529

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Dogs don't need a reason to celebrate, and neither should their guardians! With Ingrid E. Newkirk's Let's Have a Dog Party! you'll learn that every day can be a special occasion and Ingrid shows you just how to make the most of it for dogs and yourself. Each page is packed with tips for: Hosting a themed party, including fiestas, luaus, adoption-day celebrations, and 'bark' mitzvahs; Creating goodie bags and gifts for canine and human guests; Making dog food and people food with recipes from Alicia Silverstone, Jackie Chan, William Shatner, and other stars who love dogs; and Celebrating doggie joy every day of the year. Whether it's a ride in the car, a trip to the beach, a special viewing of a D(dog)-rated film, or a good old-fashioned howl at the moon, Ingrid explains how to throw the perfect party for the ultimate party animal.

Training and Racing the Greyhound

Training and Racing the Greyhound
Author: Darren Morris
Publsiher: Crowood
Total Pages: 262
Release: 2014-11-30
Genre: Sports & Recreation
ISBN: 1847979661

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This practical book is aimed at all greyhound enthusiasts and will be of help to the more experienced professional trainer as well as the novice handler. The physical stresses of racing mean that every greyhound will, at some point, sustain some form of injury and it is therefore essential that the greyhound handler has some knowledge of injuries. Accordingly, the author places a strong emphasis on injury prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation. Contents include: Choosing your first dog; The fundamental aspects of training; Kennelling; Breeding, rearing and training puppies; Exercising, the training routine and race preparation; Feeding; Examining your dog, minor ailments and serious illnesses; Foot problems; Injury rehabilitation and the skill of massage; Retired greyhounds. This wide-ranging and practical book is aimed at all greyhound enthusiasts including those who train and race them, care for them or own them as pets. Fully illustrated with 69 colour photographs and 20 drawings.

Dog Secrets What Your Dog Wishes You to Know

Dog Secrets  What Your Dog Wishes You to Know
Author: David Ryan
Publsiher: Lulu Press, Inc
Total Pages:
Release: 2013-01-21
Genre: Pets
ISBN: 1447546326

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Understanding dogs, what they are, and why they do the things they do, gives an insight into what makes them tick. Understanding how they are affected by the things we do enables us to train, and live with, our pets more effectively. These are the "Dog Secrets" that your dog wishes you knew. There is no mystical "secret" to training dogs, as professed by some dog trainers. Dog training and owning can be perfected through simple yet effective methods that are well known to science. Illustrated by real life examples of how they have helped others, Dog Secrets explains how understanding these methods can make you a better dog trainer and have a more rewarding relationship with your dog. David Ryan spent over twenty-five years as a police dog handler and instructor. He has a post graduate diploma in Companion Animal Behaviour Counselling and is Certificated as a Clinical Animal Behaviourist. He works on a wide range of problem dog behaviour cases on referral from veterinary surgeons.

The Hundred Mile an Hour Dog Goes for Gold

The Hundred Mile an Hour Dog Goes for Gold
Author: Jeremy Strong
Publsiher: Penguin UK
Total Pages: 160
Release: 2012-03-01
Genre: Juvenile Fiction
ISBN: 0141971444

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GUESS what's coming to town!? The Animal Games! There'll be show jumping for horses AND rabbits and Discus for Dogs - so of course I have to enter Streaker. Mum says a CARROT is more obedient than my dog but I think she can do it - Streaker can go for GOLD! ** The Hundred-Mile-an-Hour-Dog won the Red House Children's Book Award. ** Jeremy Strong is one of Britain's top 20 most-borrowed children's authors from the library. ** Sales for Jeremy Strong are now over 7 million copies! ** for free stuff and fun stuff!

A Dog Named Boo

A Dog Named Boo
Author: Lisa J. Edwards
Publsiher: Harlequin
Total Pages: 309
Release: 2012-09-18
Genre: Biography & Autobiography
ISBN: 037389256X

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Shares the story of the author and her dog Boo, the runt of an abandoned litter, who became an unlikely hero when he changed countless lives--including hers--through his work as a therapy dog.

Let s Get Real A guide to understanding your dog

Let s Get Real A guide to understanding your dog
Author: Graham Cyster
Total Pages: 301
Release: 2011-05-15
Genre: Pets
ISBN: 144753218X

Download Let s Get Real A guide to understanding your dog Book in PDF, Epub and Kindle

A guide to give you a better understanding of your dog. Solve problems without punishment. Teach your dog in a way that he understands, rather than expect him to understand in the way that we do.