Submission Critique Service

stand-out-in-the-slush-pileStand out in the pile.

     Book Bound offers a Submission Critique Service for £325. This will be headed up by author and editor Jasmine Richards and includes:

  • A query letter edit. We’ll edit your query letter to make it as compelling and honed as possible. Having seen hundreds of query letters we know what agents and editors are looking for and which elements may put them off. We will help you write a letter that will hook the reader and you’ll also receive material to keep that will help you write future submission materials more effectively.
  • A synopsis edit. Does your synopsis feel flat? Does it ramble? We’ve written hundreds of blurbs for books and helped many writers improve their synopses over the years. We have also written synopses for our own books that have resulted in multiple book deals. We can help you structure, shape and polish your synopsis to give you the best chance of being asked for the full manuscript. With our help, you will produce a one-page synopsis that will entice agents and editors alike.
  • Feedback on your opening, up to three thousand wordsWe’ll read your opening and offer honest but constructive feedback so that you can refine those first pages and make them even more effective and engaging.

You’ve worked hard on your manuscript. Don’t let yourself down with a mediocre submission package. Book Bound will work with you over two rounds of edits to get your synopsis and query letter to be as strong as they can be.

If interested please e mail with Submission Critique Service in the subject line.


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