Spreading The Book Bound Word In Edinburgh


In September, the Book Bound team caught a train from London to Edinburgh, meeting by Harry Potter’s Platform 9 3/4 in Kings Cross station. We were on our way to host a day event at the Arthur Conan Doyle Centre, keen to reach out to children’s authors across the United Kingdom.


Edinburgh didn’t disappoint. Sunlight streamed through the long sash windows and sparkled off the crystal chandeliers of our venue. Oil paintings looked down on us as we gathered our tables and chairs, re-read our notes, lined up the name tags and made sure our presentations delivered as much information as possible. All we needed now were our authors!

Soon, the room was buzzing with chat and debate. The theme for the day was From Idea To Acquisition and we had four different presentations lined up, along with one-on-one critiques. As with all our workshops, the schedule was intense and lively. The Book Bound team likes to bring laughter and informality to our approach, but we also want to be confident that people are sent home bursting with ideas, advice and stimulation. Judging from some of the tweets that followed, that’s exactly what happened:

Screen Shot 2015-10-26 at 20.45.32

All too soon, we were packing up and bidding farewell – or au revoir? – to our new writer friends. We always leave an event stimulated and inspired, full of ideas. One of the great elements of hosting a workshop is the way that energy ripples back and forth. We return to our day jobs inspired and reminded what it is we love so much about children’s books. The stories, yes. The fun, of course. And the people. They are the best.

Now, we’re more than a little excited to plan for the future – and we have great plans to share. We hope you’ll be part of them!


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